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Over the past several decades, the influence of race on political attitudes has....

become more important

An issue that divides blacks and whites is...

affirmative action

Voters in the South have become progressively less attached to...

the Democratic party

A coherent and consistent set of beliefs about who should rule and how is referred to as...

political ideology

Around the time of Franklin Roosevelt, liberal began to mean one who favored...

an active national government

A libertarian would be more likely than a pure liberal to vote for...

lower taxes

Compared to the average citizen, political activists are usually more...


Which of the following groups are liberal regarding economic matters and conservative on social matters? a) libertarians b) neo-libertarians c) populists d)pure conservatives e)pure liberals


One important reason why political elites are important is that they...

have a disproportionate influence on public policy

Economic issues are most likely to be placed on the public agenda by...

public opinion

The best way to understand how Congress carries out its business is to think of it as...

a collection of different kinds of organizations

In the Senate, the greatest power is in the hands of the...

majority leader

The most important aspect of the process of selecting Senate members for key leadership and committee positions is...

achieving ideological and regional balance

Among the many powers of the House Speaker is that he or she...

decides whom to recognize to speak on the floor

Votes in Congress that evoked party splits during the 1990s were most likely to be reflected of...

sharp ideological differences between parties

____ caucuses form around common interests in an issue.


Most of the power in Congress is found in...

the committees

The changes brought about by the committee bill of rights in the early 1970s included the right to have subcommittees jurisdiction determined by the...

sub-committee chairpersons

A recent trend in Congress has been for the number of amendments to proposed laws to...

increase, along with the number of individuals offering them

Until the 1990s, the most rapidly growing bureaucracy in Washington was that of...

staff members of Congress

Which of the following about the nomination process in the US is true? a)parties play a larger role today than at the turn of the century b)parties play a minor role compared to Europe

parties play a minor role compared to Europe

The text argues that which two phrases are crucial to winning an election?

getting nominated and getting elected

Presidential nominees were chosen by caucuses of their party's members in Congress...

in the early nineteenth century

The elections that produce the largest voter turnout are the...

presidential elections

A major difference between presidential between presidential campaigns and congressional campaigns is that...

congressional incumbents are more likely to be defeated

Which of the following statements about the US democratic republic is correct? a)it has never been tried anywhere else b)it has been tried without great success by many other countries

it has been tried without great success by many other countries

The French aristocrat who in 1835 wrote Democracy in America, was...

Alexis de Tocqueville

The fact that democracy flourished in the US can be best explained by...

all of these

According to Alexis de Tocqueville, one of the reasons a democratic republic took root in the US was because of the...

opportunities for people to acquire land and make a living

A political ___ deals with what a government should do, while a political_______ deals with how government should operate.

ideology, culture

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