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About what unborn knight does the hermit Nacien make three predictions (that he will sit
in the Seat Perilous, that he will be the best knight in the whole world, and that he will
find the Holy Grail)?

Sir Galahad

According to the Great Chain of Being, who are the "kings" of the angels?

the Seraphim

According to the Great Chain of Being, who is the king of the animals?

the lion

After Arthur's boat rowed away, what did Bedivere do?

he walked all night

Although Arthur succeeded in landing at Dover, what terrible loss did he suffer?

Sir Gawain was mortally wounded in the battle.

At King Pelles' castle, the table in the dining hall suddenly become laden with all kinds of
rich foods as a symbol of what spiritual activity?

a Communion (or Eucharistic) Service

At the end of the battle, who were the only two knights left alive on Arthur's side?

Sir Lucan the Butler and Sir Bedivere

At the tomb in Corbin, there was a tomb with gold letters on it that said as follows: "Here
shall come a leopard of king's blood, and he shall slay this serpent, and this leopard shall
engender a lion in this foreign country, and that lion shall surpass all other knights."
That inscription describes what two knights?

Sir Lancelot and his son, Galahad

At the tournament that King Arthur held just before the knights left on the Quest for the
Sangreal, which knight defeated every other knight?

Sir Galahad.

Besides Sir Pellinore, who sits in the Perilous seat?

Sir Galahad

For what action is the publisher of Le Morte D'Arthur famous?

William Caxton brought the first printing press to England in 1476

For what were the nobles supposed to pray when the archbishop gathered all the nobles in London?

a sign from God telling England who should be its rightful king

How did Arthur and Mordred die?

Arthur ran Mordred through with his spear while
Mordred's sword cut through Arthur's helmet and brain pan.

How did Arthur's first dream come true?

Bad luck (a viper's biting a knight) ended the
truce that would have saved Arthur's life.

How did Guinevere trick mordred?

She pretend that she needed to go to London in order to
buy clothes for the wedding; but when she arrived, she fortified the Tower of London.

How did medieval theologians describe the operation of Divine Providence?

God writes straight with crooked lines"

How did Sir Bedivere spend the rest of his life?

fasting and praying as a hermit with the
former Archbishop of Canterbury

How did Sir Lucan die?

He died trying to lift Arthur up in order to carry him to safety

How did Sir Mordred convince the remaining nobles to make him king?

he forged letters
from overseas which claimed that both Arthur and Lancelot had died in battle.

How does King Arthur decide to execute Queen Guinevere for treason?

burning her at the stake

How does Sir Gawain show his disagreement with king Arthur about executing Queen

by going to his bedchamber instead of attending the execution

How many bulls (black and white) are there in Sir Gawain's dream?


How many knights did Mordred have at the end of the battle?


How many knights died in the final battle between Arthur and Mordred?


How many times did Bedivere try to throw away the sword before he could bring himself to
do it?


How many times did the nobles postpone the decision to crown Arthur King?


In Le Morte D'Aurthur, the author uses the word "craft" to signify magic. In what word does that meaning survive to this day?


In medieval times, what were the two types of trials?

trial by judge and trial by combat

In the Christian calendar, when does Pentecost occur?

fifty days after Easter

Lancelot is the knight's confirmation name. What is Lancelot's baptismal name?


Morgan le Fay's putting the woman in boiling water because she is the most beautiful in
the land is reminiscent of what fairy tale?

Snow White

Of what are the 150 bulls in Gawain's dream supposed to remind the reader?

150 Knights of the Round Table

On his travels, where did Merlin meet Lancelot as a boy?

Mont St. Michel

On what day did Arthur first pull the sword out of the stone?

New Year's Day

On what day of the year were all the nobles of England ordered by the Archbishop of Canterbury to gather in London?

Christmas Day

On what feast day does the Quest for the Sangreal begin?

on Pentecost (aka Whitsunday)

On what Feast Day does the Sangreal process through King Arthur's dining hall?

on Pentecost (aka Whitsunday)

The search for the Holy Grail is a symbol of what spiritual goals?

the Beatific Vision of
God in heaven and the mystical union of a human soul with God here on earth

To whom did Arthur lose the sword-in-the-stone in battle?

King Pellinore

What are two examples of anachronisms in chapter 11?

The Tower of London did not exist
in Arthur's time, nor did the big guns which Modred used against Guinevere.

What caused the truce to be broken almost as soon as it was made?

A knight drew a sword
to kill a viper that bit him on the foot.

What concept in Greek mythology did Divine Providence replace during the Christian Era?

the three Fates

What did Arthur ask Sir Bedivere to do?

throw Excaliber and its scabbard into the closest
body of water

What did Bedivere find the morning after Arthur's departure?

He found a hermit praying
over a tomb.

What did Guinevere's father give Arthur as a dowry?

the Round Table and 100 knights

What did Mordred do to Queen Guinevere?

He told her that she must marry him.

What did Nacien the hermit tell Gawaine about his dream in the chapel?

he said that the meadows represented the Round Table, and the black bulls represented the
knights of the Round Table

What did Sir Gawain do before he died?

He wrote a note to Sir Lancelot asking (1) that he
visit Gawain's tomb to say a prayer for him and (2) that he come as quickly as possible to
help Arthur against Mordred.

What did the ladies offer the hermit/archbishop?

a hundred candles and a hundred gold

What did the person who gave Arthur Excalibur ask in return?

The lady of the Lake asked for one favor to be granted whenever she asks it

What did the Round Table symbolizes?


What does Camelot represent?

a utopian society

What does magic symbolize in the Arthurian legends?


What does the journey motif symbolize?

a person's life

What Gospel stories do Bedivere's actions resemble?

(1) St. Peter's denying Jesus three
times; (2) Jesus' finding his disciples asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane during his Agony

What happened to King Arthur on Trinity Sunday night?

He had two dreams

What happened when Bedivere threw the sword into the water?

An arm and a hand came
out of the water to catch the sword.

What happens to people who sit in the Seat Perilous?

They will be destroyed-except for the one who is meant to sit there.

What historian was the first to mention Arthur?

William of Malmsbury

What is a motif?

a motif is a plot device which can be found across many cultures and at many different points in time in history

What is an anachronism?

a reference to a person, thing, or idea in a time when it did not

What is Arthur's first action after his coronation?

He restored to their rightful owners lands that had been taken by the nobles during the war over who should be king

What is Christendom?

the kingdom of Christ on earth

What is Divine Providence?

the working of God's will throughout human history to accomplish God's goals despite humanity's free will

What is the magical property of Excalibur's scabbard?

no matter how many wounds its possessor has, he will never bleed

What is the name of Lady Elaine's son?


What is the significance of the three white bulls in Sir Gawain's dream?

they were the only ones found worthy to find the Holy Grail.

What is wrong with the lady in the Tower of Corbin when Sir Lancelot rescues her?

She is boiling in scalding water.

What kind of motif is the quest?

a journey motif

What knight of the Round Table had tried to rescue the woman but failed?

Sir Gawain

What knight was able to pull the sword from the stone floating in the river?

Sir Galahad

What story did the hermit/archbishop tell?

At midnight the prior night, a number of ladies
arrived with a corpse and asked him to bury it.

What two events does the Christian Pentecost celebrate?

(1) the descent of the Holy Spirit
on the disciples gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem; (2) the birthday of the Church

What two knights were unable to pull the sword from the stone floating in the river?

Sir Gawaine and then Sir Percivale

What war was going on when Le Morte D'Aurthur was written?

the War of the Roses to decide who should be king of England

What was holding Excalibur when Arthur took it?

an arm sticking out of the lake

What was in his first dream

His first dream had him on a chair tied to a wheel that dumped
him into the water full of snakes and other animals.

What was in his second dream

He dreamt that Sir Gawain came to him in a vision to warn
him against fighting Mordred the next day.

What was Sir Gawain's advice to Arthur in a vision?

He urged Arthur to reach a truce that
would last a month and a day in order to give Sir Lancelot time to arrive with his army.

What was the sign that appeared in the church courtyard on Christmas Day?

a sword stuck through a foot high anvil and a block of marble four feet square

What well-known device was the chair tied to a wheel?

It was called the Wheel of Fortune.

What were the feast days associated with Arthur's pulling out the sword-in-the-stone?

Feast of the Circumcision (New Year's Day) --Feast of the Epiphany (Twelfth Day) --Feast of the Presentation (Candlemas) --Resurrection (Easter) --Descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost)

When Arthur sent fourteen knights to arrest Sir Lancelot, who was the only knight that
was not slain?

Sir Mordred

When Arthur told Merlin that he wished to marry Guinevere, did Merlin wholeheartedly agree with the idea?

No, he foresaw that Guinevere would later fall in love with Sir Lancelot

When Arthur was crowned king, what did he promise the people in his speech?


When did Arthur land?

He landed on May 10th

When did Arthur march to Salisbury in order to fight Mordred?

On Trinity Sunday (the
first Sunday after Pentecost

When King Arthur lays siege to Lancelot's castle Joyous Gard, what knight unhorses

Sir Bors

When was Le Morte D'Arthur first published?


Where did Arthur bury Sir Gawain?

He buried Gawain in a tomb in Dover Castle.

Where did Bedivere carry Arthur?

to a boat with three queens in it, waiting for Arthur.

Where did King Arthur land?

He landed at Dover where Mordred opposed his landing.

Which two English kings named their first-born sons Arthur?

Henry VII and Henry VIII

Who are Sir Bors and Sir Lionel?

cousins of Sir Lancelot

Who are the three Grail Knights?

Sir Percivale, Sir Galahad, and Sir Bors

Who died first, Arthur or Mordred?

Mordred died immediately.

Who finally spoke up to say that Arthur should be King?

the commoners

Who first published Le Morte D'Arthur?

William Caxton

Who gave Arthur the sword, Excalibur?

The Lady of the Lake

Who is Arthur's biological father?

Uther Pendragon

Who is Galahad's father?

Sir Lancelot

Who is Guinevere's father?

King Leodegrance of Camiliard

Who is King Pelles?

He is the brother of King Pellinore and a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea.

Who is Sir Ector de Maris?

a cousin of Lancelot

Who knighted Galahad when he was twelve years old?

his father, Sir Lancelot

Whom did Merlin put in the Seat Perilous on Arthur's wedding day?

King Pellinore

Whom does Arthur order to attend Queen Guinevere's execution?

Sir Gareth and Sir Gaheris

Whom does Sir Lancelot "marry," thinking that she is Queen Guinevere?

Lady Elaine, daughter of King Pelles.

Whom do the three white bulls represent?

the three Grail Knights

Who saves Arthur's life when Sir Bors unhorses him at Joyous Gard?

Sir Lancelot

Who saves Queen Guinevere from King Arthur's anger?

Sir Lancelot

Whose feast days are associated with Arthur's pulling the sword out of the stone?

Jesus Christ

Who urged king Arthur to make war on Sir Lancelot?

Sir Gawain

Who urged King Arthur to see lancelot's presence in the queen's chamber in an innocent

Sir Gawain

Who used her magic to entrap and kill Merlin?

Lady Nimue

Who was Arthur's foster brother?

Sir Kay

Who was Arthur's foster father?

Sir Ector

Who was knighted on Arthur's wedding day?

first Tor then Gawain

Who was the hermit that Bedivere found?

the former archbishop of Canterbury

Who was the only Grail knight who survived the quest to return to Britain?

Sir Bors

Who were the three queen's?

Morgan Le Fay (Arthur's sister), the queen of Northgalis, and
the Queen of the Waste Lands.

Who were the women that the narrator identifies as having taken Arthur's body to the

Morgan Le Fay, the queen of Northgalis, Queen of the Waste Lands, and Lady Nimue

Who wrote Le Morte D'Arthur?

Sir Thomas Mallory

Why are the three knights known as the Grail Knights?

They alone find the Holy Grail.

Why did Arthur pull the sword out of the stone?

He was trying to find a sword for his brother Kay

Why did King Arthur hold a tournament just before the knights left on the Quest for the

(1) to bid farewell to his knights; (2) to put Galahad to the test

Why has Sir Mordred been left in charge of the kingdom?

King Arthur has crossed the
English Channel to attack Sir Lancelot's Kingdom of Benwin

Why is Sir Gawain so upset after Queen Guivevere's rescue?

Sir Lancelot killed tow of his brothers, Sir Gareth and Sir Gaheris

Why is the ending equivocal about Arthur's death?

The narrator ends the story by saying, "Yet the hermit knew not for certain that it was truly the
body of King Arthur." Since the hermit recognized Sir Bedivere, it is highly unlikely that he
would not have recognized his former king

Why were so many knights unarmed at Queen Guinevere's execution?

to protest her execution

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