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All about electricity and magnetism!!

how does an abject become charged with static electricity?

By adding or losing eletrons (friction)

What will happen when two charged objects are broght together?

opposites attract and likes repel

How does a toggle swicth work in a simple circuit?

up-off down-on

identify and describe two types of circuits.

A parallel circuit- has more than one path,and, a series circuit- has one path.

What energy transformation takes place in the following:

generator: motion-electricity: Motor: electricity- motion

incandescent light bulb

electricity to light and heat


electricity to light

what is one thing an electromagnet can do that a natural magnet cannot?

you can turn it off

what part of a compass points to magnetic north

the needle

what are most good electrical conductors made of


what is a good material for insulating electric wires

rubber or plastic

what are the properties of magnetic poles

opposites attract and likes repel

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