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  1. Modern Forms of Life-Diversity
  2. Extracellular Proteins (Proteomes)
  3. Genome
  4. Hypothesis Example
  5. Seven Characteristics of Life
  1. a Proteins hold cells together in tissues.
  2. b 1. Diverse environments support diverse organisms.
  3. c If exercise is related to weight loss then increasing the amount of daily exercise in someone's routine will cause them to lose weight.
  4. d 1. Cells and Organization
    2. Energy Use and Metabolism
    3. Response to Environmental Changes
    4. Regulation and Homeostasis
    5. Growth and Development
    6. Reproduction
    7. Biological Evolution
  5. e entire set of genetic information that an organism carries in its DNA

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  1. Proteins organize the components within cells
  2. One of two prokaryotic domains of life, the other being Bacteria. Unicellular Prokaryote.
  3. the group that does not receive the experimental treatment.
  4. DoKi P ClOFaGeS

    - Domain (largest)
    - Kingdom
    - Phylum
    - Class
    - Order
    - Family
    - Genus
    - Species (smallest) It describes genetically similar individuals that are capable of mating to produce fertile offspring.
  5. 1. Progression of changes in a lineage
    2. New species evolve from preexisting species by the accumulation of mutations
    3. Natural selection takes advantage of beneficial mutations

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  1. Control Samplea sample that receives no treatment during an experiment, and demonstrates what happens if no experimental variables are applied.


  2. Enzymes (Proteomes)Proteins that speed up chemical reactions. Proteins function as enzymes to synthesize and break down cellular molecules and macromolecules.


  3. Discovery Based ScienceExperimentation that does not require a preconceived hypothesis. In some cases, the goal is to collect data to be able to formulate a hypothesis.


  4. Modern Forms of LifeConnected by an Evolutionary History


  5. Independent Variablethe experimental factor that is manipulated; the variable whose effect is being studied