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Les Objets Dans la Salle de Classe+Big, Small, his/her, +COULEURS!

• You need to know the forms of avoir! (J'ai, tu as, il a, nous avons, vous avez, ils ont) • You need to capitalize the first letter of the sentence. • You need a period at the end of the sentence. • Your words need to "agree" and be in the correct order!

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I have her big black dictionary.
J'ai son grand dictionnaire noir.
He has a small red binder.
Il a un petit classeur rouge.
She has my pink binders.
Elle a mes classeurs roses.
I have her big green bag.
J'ai son grand sac vert.
I have your green pens.
J'ai tes stylos verts.
Our high school is grey.
Notre lycée est gris.
We have his little black stapler.
Nous avons sa petite agrafeuse noire.
You have his big brown stapler? (no est-ce que)
Tu as sa grande agrafeuse marron?
I have some yellow scissors.
J'ai des ciseaux jaunes.
He has her white printer.
Il a son imprimante blanche.
She has my big white (spiral) notebooks.
Elle a mes grands cahiers blancs.
She has your big white (spiral) notebooks.
Elle a tes grands cahiers blancs.
She has my big white chairs.
Elle a mes grandes chaises blanches.
I have her little grey keyboard.
J'ai son petit clavier gris.
Her grey keyboard has some white keys.
Son clavier gris a des touches blanches.
We have your big black calculators.
Nous avons tes grandes calculettes noires.
I have his little orange pencils.
J'ai ses petits crayons orange.
I have her big white computer.
J'ai son grand ordinateur blanc.
We have his little brown table.
Nous avons sa petite table marron.
I have some white pieces of paper.
J'ai des feuilles de papier blanches.
I have some white paper.
J'ai du papier blanc.
He has her green stapler.
Il a son agrafeuse verte.
We have your small green tables.
Nous avons tes petites tables vertes.
I have her little grey mouse.
J'ai sa petite souris grise.
I have her little grey pencils.
J'ai ses petits crayons gris.
We have some grey doors.
Nous avons des portes grises.
I have her big purple book.
J'ai son grand livre violet.
I have your little purple bags.
J'ai tes petits sacs violets.
We have her little purple chairs.
Nous avons ses petites chaises violettes.
You have his little purple chair?
Tu as sa petite chaise violette?