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A form of energy that produces light, heat, magnetic and chemical changes

Electric current

The movement of electricity along a path called a conductor


Technical name for any electrically powered appliance


A material that allows electricity to flow through it easily


Material that does not allow the flow of electric current


A unit of electric strength


A unit of electric pressure


A unit of electric resistance


A measure of how much electrical energy is being used


The application of electrical currents during treatments to the skin. The application of special currents or modalities that have certain effects on the skin.


Changes alternating current into direct current


A device containing a fine metal wire that allows current to flow through it

Tesla Current

High frequency current known as the violet ray. An alternating current which can be adjusted to different voltages to produce heat. High frequency current that does not produce muscle contractions.

High Frequency

An electrical current that stimulates hair growth and increases glandular activity


A galvanic current that produces a negative pole that softens and stimulates tissue


Changes direct current into alternating current


An AC current that produces muscle contractions

White Light

A combination light such as florescent or incandescent

Circuit Breaker

A reusable device that breaks the flow of current when an overload occurs


A galvanic current that produces a positive pole that hardens and soothes nerves


A larger power source producing alternating current only

Visible Light

The portion of the elctromagnetic spectrum that humans can see

Grounding Wire

A 3 wire system used to protect you when operating certain kinds of appliances

Alternating Current (AC)

Electrons flow first in one direction and then another

Direct Current (DC)

Electrons flowing in one direction only


They have a positive and a negative terminal and produce direct current only

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