US History Chapter 6 - People

8th Grade Chapter Test Review
Aaron Burr
Alexander Hamilton
- 1st Secretary of Treasury under George Washington
- Developed the Bank of the United States
- Wrote the Federalist Papers, which supported ratification of the Constitution
Andrew Ellicot
Anthony Wayne
Arthur St. Clair
Benjamin Banneker
An African American mathematician and astronomer. He was hired by Thomas Jefferson to help survey land for the new capital in Washington, DC.
Edmond Genet
- France's representative to the US/diplomat
- he asked American sailors to help France fight Britain by commanding privateers
- Washington told Genet that violated U.S. Neutrality
Edmond Randolph
Was part of the 1st cabinet as Attorney General
George Washington
- 1st president of the United States
- elected for 2 terms
- Revolutionary War hero and Patriot leader
- served as a representative to Congress
- Commanded the Continental Army
Henry Knox
- Was part of the 1st cabinet as Washington's Secretary of War
James Madison
- 4th president of United States
- Considered to be the "Father of the Constitution"
- delegate to the Constitutional Convention
- Author to some of the Federalist Papers
- led the states through the War of 1812
- like Jefferson, opposed the plan for a national bank
John Adams
- a delegate to the Continental Congress
- a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence
- vice president to George washington
- 2nd president of the United States
- settled the XYZ Affair with diplomacy and avoided war with France
John Jay
- Member of the Congress
- Wrote some of the Federalist Papers
- Negotiated Jay's Treaty with Great Britain to settle outstanding disputes
Josiah Harmar
Little Turtle
- Miami chief who led a Native American alliance that raided settlements in the Northwest Territory
- Was defeated and forced to sign the treaty of Greenville
- Later became an advocate for peace
Manuel de Godoy
Martha Washington
George Washington's wife. She was our countries 1st First Lady and knew she had to set a good example. She entertained guests and attended social events.
Pierre L'Enfante
Thomas Jefferson
- Chairman of the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence
- The Declaration's main author and one of it's signers
- appointed as Secretary of State by Washington
- 3rd president of the United States
- A strict constructionist who wanted a weak central government, believed that state government should be stronger.
- favored the agricultural South
- opposed the plan for a national bank
Thomas Pinckney
US Ambassador who worked with Spain to negotiate a treaty over land west of the Appalachian Mountains