Chapter 3

Study guide questions
restricted the power of local governments
Most states responded to the Kelo decision by passing laws that
all of the above
The text suggests federalism, or federal-state relations, looms behind
protect liberty
For the Founders, federalism was a device to
It granted supreme authority to a confederate to neither national nor state government
Which of the following statements about the federal system adopted at the Constitutional Convention is most accurate?
favor the decentralization of government power
Applying the principles of Thomas Jefferson to current political issues would probably dispose one to
the claimed authority of the states to declare a federal law void for violating the U.S. Constitution
The doctrine of nullification refers to
The doctrine of dual federalism grew out of a protracted debate on the subject of
sue in federal court
The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 was conspicuous because it allowed women who were the victims of gender-based violence to
did not substantially affect interstate commerce
In the United States v. Morrison, the Supreme Court ruled that violence against women
A unitary system
Which of the following allows national governments the right to alter or even abolish local government?
the commitment of Americans to the ideal of local government
One of the reasons that our local governments are independent of the national government is
state functions, although the federal government seeks to regulate them
In the United States, programs such as the interstate highway system and services to the unemployed are most accurately considered
William H. Riker's somewhat startling conclusion is that the main effect of federalism since the Civil War has been
This procedure, which is in effect in over 20 states, permits voters to remove an elected official from office.
land grants
The first form of grant-in-aid to the states made by the federal government to the state governments was that of
How to get federal money into state hands without violating the U.S. Constitution
According to the text, the grant-in-aid system grew rapidly because it helped state and local officials resolve what dilemma?
Passage of the Fifteenth Amendment
Which of the following was not one of the reasons federal grants were attractive to state officials?
Federal officials' perceptions of national needs came to dominate the allocation of federal grants during the
local police chiefs
An example of an intergovernmental lobby would be a lobby comprising
provide matching funds
Categorical grants typically require that a state or locality
Block grants began in the mid
all of the above
Categorical grants were generally favored by
Categorical grants
What types of federal funds are most likely to be critical for an agency that depends on the federal government for its existence?
special committees of Congress
Categorical grants are supervised by
the environment
A 2006 study found that the highest number of unfunded mandates concerned
spends less
The text suggests that we might expect to find more mandates in policy areas where the government
According to the text, ____ waivers have generally been easy for state and local governments to get
President ____ declared, in a State of the Union Address, that the era of big national government was over.
a reduction in welfare rolls
One clear impact of devolution is
the pension benefits of public employees
One long-term factor which has led to the recent destruction of state budget surpluses relates to