Ratio and Proportion, Ratio and Proportions


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Craig grades 9 tests every 22 minutes. If Craig has 63 tests to grade, how long will it take him (in minutes)?
Regan took a total of 18 quizzes over the course of 3 weeks. How many weeks of school will Regan have to attend this quarter before she will have taken a total of 24 quizzes? Assume the relationship is directly proportional.
Kate prepared 20 kilograms of dough after working 4 hours. How much dough did Kate prepare if she worked for 8 hours?
Maki cycled a total of 8 kilometers by making 4 trips to work. After 10 trips to work, how many kilometers will Maki have cycled in total?
Emma read a total of 12 books over 4 months. After belonging to the book club for 10 months, how many books will Emma have read in all?
Martha's office recycled a total of 10 kilograms of paper over 2 weeks. After 3 weeks, how many kilograms of paper will Martha's office have recycled?
Jackie jarred 20 liters of jam after 5 days. How much jam did Jackie jar if she spent 8 days making jam?
Gina knit a total of 40 centimeters of scarf over 8 nights. How many nights will Gina have to spend knitting in order to knit a total of 50 centimeters of scarf?
The corporate team-building event will cost $40 if it has 8 attendees. How many attendees can there be, at most, if the budget for the corporate team-building event is $70?
Nicole earned a total of $35 for 7 hours of yard work. After doing a total of 9 hours of yard work, how much money will Nicole have earned?
Molly baked 66 cookies with 6 scoops of flour. How many scoops of flour does Molly need in order to bake 99 cookies?
Bob ran a total of 32 miles over the course of 4 track practices. How many track practices would it take for Bob to run 48 miles?