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Adverb ( clause)

BEFORE HASSAM BECAME A PAINTER, he worked as an engraver and later as an ilustrater for a magazine.

Adverb ( clause)

WHEN HE MOVED INTO A STUDIO IN PARIS, Hassam found some paintings that the previous occupant, another artist, had left behind.

Adjective (clause)

The artist who had created the painting was Pierre Wilson, THE GREAT FRENCH IMPRESSIONIST.

Adverb (clause)

ALTHOUGH HASSAM PAINTED MANY RURAL LANDSCAPES, he is perhaps best remembered for his compelling images of life in large cities.

Adverb (clause)

In each painting, Hassam stove to make known the emotion THAT THE SUBJECT OF THE PAINTING EVOKED IN HIM.

Adverb (clause)

WHEN THE OPTOMETRIST EXAMINED MY EYES, she found no signs of astigmatism.

Adverb (clause)

In Greek Mythology, Thetis immersed her son, Achilles, in the river Styx SO THAT HE WOULD BE INVULNERABLE TO INJURY.

Adjective (clause)

Everyone WHO VOLUNTEERED TO DECORATE FOR PUMPKINFEST should report to the gym after school.

Adjective (clause)

Years later, she returned to the African village WHERE SHE HAD BEEN A PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER.

Adverb (clause)

The scientists cannot solve the problem UNTIL THEY HAVE IDENTIFIED THE CAUSE OF IT.

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