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Psych 100b Ch. 10

What are the SAT, the MACT and the GRE all examples of?
Aptitude tests.
Although he is unable to speak coherently and has been diagnosed with autism, 18 year old Andrew can produce intricate and detailed drawings of scenes he has only viewed once. Andrew illustrates a condition known as:
Savant syndrome.
As adopted children get older, what happens to their intelligence scores?
Become more like their biological parents.
This question you are answering on this test are examples of what?
Achievement tests.
The employees were not surprised when Sharon was promoted to Senior Direction of the organization. She has demonstrated her ability to motivate the team, delegate to the appropriate people, and was able to self-promote herself. This best illustrates:
practical managerial intelligence.
On the original Standford-Binet, an 8 year old who responded with the proficiency of an average 10 year old was said to have which IQ score?
Individuals with mental retardation at this level may progress to the second grade level academically, and they may support themselves by working in sheltered workshops.
Which of the following refers to our ability to perceive, understand, manage and use our feelings?
Emotional intelligence.
Compared to North American students, how do Asian students perform on math aptitude tests relative to their study habits?
Asian students perform better on math aptitude and achievement tests and they spend more time studying.
Everyday tasks are frequently ill-defined, with multiple solutions. What kind of intelligence is needed to deal with them?
Practical intelligence.
Brody is going quite well as the manager of a large electronics store. He writes clear memos to the staff, is good at delegating tasks, and knows how to "read" other employees. What would Sternberg and Wagner predict about Brody?
He would score high on a test of practical intelligence.
University students who focus on the interest and challenge of their schoolwork, rather than on simply meeting deadlines and securing good grades, are especially likely to demonstrate which of the following?
_______% of the population meets the criteria for mental retardation with males outnumbering females by ______%
1 and 50
While describing her new boyfriend, Selina's best friend says "He has an IQ of 150 for sure!" This definition reifies intelligence, which means it views:
the abstract concept of intelligence as a real object that the boyfriend can have.
In her teens, your aunt wrote essays that indicated she had high verbal abilities. What can you predict about your aunts cognitive function as she ages?
She is less at risk for Alzheimer's than same-aged women who showed less verbal ability.
Given his concern for "mental orthopedics," Binet would probably have been the most enthusiastic about which of the following?
Head Start programs.
Comparing the academic accomplishments of those who score extremely low with those who score extremely high on intelligence tests is an effective way to highlight the ________ of the tests.
Sonja was administered an intelligence test to determine the level of her mental functioning in order for her to receive proper placement. Her Wechsler total intelligence score was 2 standard deviations below the norm. Her score was:
By what age does a child's performance on an intelligence test stabilize?
What is the most widely used intelligence test for adults?
At Emota Multiple Intelligences Academy, what term do the children and teachers use to refer to multiple intelligences? What is the point of the different "stations" in the classroom?
"Smarts." Different stations challenge each kind of intelligence.
Are aboriginal children more intelligent than white Australian children?
Not in verbal testing. Aboriginal are better at visual and spatial. Could not use verbal ideologies to remember the rocks.
Is the ability being tested by researcher Dr. Judy Kearins a form of intelligence?
You could argue both ways. Certainly a high level of memorizing.
Do you think this ability would be measured in a standard intelligence test? Why or why not?
No. No verbal testing in this test. We don't use this form of intelligence in our environment, which is why it's not on the test. Only test things valued in our society.
What were some of the savant skills displayed by Robert Gagno when he was younger?
Able to memorize codes in the phone book and bus schedule, then pinball.
How does Darold Treffert define savant syndrome?
A developmental disability that has some genius ability that stands out.
What does Andrew Reeves hypothesize is different about Robert's processing of pinball movements in his brain?
Uses fusigorm gyrus (usually used to look at faces) instead of middle temporal gyrus. Feels "instant."
How old was Sho Yano when he enrolled in university? How old when he graduated?
9 years old. 13 graduated.
Are Sho and his sister Sayuri only accomplished in academic activities?
Nope, music and painting and martial arts too.
What was different about the siblings' early education? Does it appear their academic achievements are mostly due to their mother's "pushing"?
Home schooled both children. And perhaps, but they enjoyed it.
What are the four domains of Emotional Intelligence outlined by Daniel Goleman?
Self awareness, self management, empathy, and skilled relationship.
What incident involving an airline cabin attendant does Goleman mention as an example of excellent emotional intelligence?
Flight was delayed on superbowl Sunday. Everyone stood up before plane was ready. Says "you're standing" as if talking to a mischievous voice.