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Abdominal Wall
The sheet of muscles in the front of the body from the chest to the groin
Breath Support
Use of the muscles in the abdomen to control the flow of air through the vocal folds
Part of the body between the neck and abdomen containing the lungs and heart
Chest Voice
Mid to low sounds produced in the chest chamber
Head Voice
High to mid-range sounds produced in the head chamber
To make smaller
To grow larger
Process of expelling or breathing out air
The process of breathing in air
Gum Ridge
The area of the mouth where the teeth touch the gums
Hard Palate
The bones in the roof of the mouth from the teeth going back to the soft palate
Upper part of the neck that surrounds the vocal folds
The "Passageway" or transition from one vocal register to another, often called "the break" in the voice
The section of the throat which extends from the mouth and nasal cavities to the larynx, where it becomes continuous with the esophagus
The distance from the lowest to the highest pitch that can be sung by a voice type
Soft Palate
The membranous and muscular fold suspended from the back of the hard palate partially separating the mouth cavity from the pharynx
The bones in the spinal column
Vocal Tract
One of the body's mechanisms for resonating sound.