History of the United States 2

from where did the majority of immigrants during New Immigration period from 1965-1910 originate
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Eleven Southern Slave states declared their secession and intent for the expansion of slavery- although there were many issues that helped to initiate the Civil War, the main issue that caused the Civil war was the eleven Southern Slave states declaring their secession and intent for the expansion of slavery
The "Corrupt Bargain" resulted inThe Corrupt Bargain or Compromise of 1877 allowed Rutherford B Hayes to be pronounced President after a disputed election based on the unwritten deal that he would move troops out of the South, effectively ending Reconstructionwhich of the following restricted the rights of unions to strikeTaft-Hartley Act. Enacted in 1947, the Taft-Hartley Act restricted rights of unions to strike and placed more regulations on union operations