16 terms

3rd Grade WINTER

God becomes man. Jesus is God and Man
Someone who saves from evil. Jesus is our _________________.
The first Sin of Adam and evil that is handed down from parents to kids.
Original Sin
Why did Jesus come down to earth?
To save us from Sin.
Why does Jesus perform miracles?
To Show us that he is God
What miracle did Jesus do in the Boat when it was stormy?
He made the storm stop.
What did Jesus do when Simon's mother in law was sick? (Simon is also known as Peter)
Made her well
What was required by everyone who got a miracle from Jesus?
Faith, they believed in Jesus
A short story told by Jesus to help us understand.
A saint who was a sister in India. She took care of the poor and dying. She started the missionaries of Charity. They wore white with a blue stripe on it. She died in 1997
St. Teresa of Calcutta
What do we call the Supper Jesus ate with His Apostles before he died? It was the First Mass?
The Last Supper
What day do we call the day Jesus died on the Cross/
Good Friday
What day do we call the Day Jesus rose from the dead?
Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth and John the Baptist jumped for joy.
Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel. The Angel told her she would have Jesus
Jesus was born to Mary in Bethlehem