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  1. Socio-Cultural
  2. If a neurosurgeon stimulates your right motor cortex, you would most likely...
  3. community sharing
  4. barbiturates
  5. in attentional blindness
  1. a failing to see visible objects when our attention is directed elsewhere
  2. b Emphasizes the influence of culture on behavior
  3. c cooperation and self sacrifice for the family or tribe
  4. d move your left leg
  5. e drugs that depress the activity of the central nervous system reducing anxiety but impairing memory and judgement

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  1. 20 mins, falling deeper into sleep, alpha waves
  2. portion of the cerebral cortex lying roughly above the ears; includes the auditory areas, each receiving information primarily from the opposite ear
  3. controls language expression and area of the frontal lobe usually in the left hemisphere that directs the muscles movements involved in speech
  4. self regulating
  5. controls language reception a brain area usually in the left temporal lobe that is involved in language comprehension and expression

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  1. Endocrine Systemthe body's slow chemical communication system a set of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream


  2. Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920)Founder of psychology, emphasizes the use of experimental method to study consciousness


  3. Some people wrongly perceive that their dreams predict future events. This is an example ofreticular formation


  4. Random Assignmentassigning participants to experimental and control groups by chances thus minimizing preexisting difference between those assigned to the different groups.


  5. Reticular Formationa nerve network in the brainstem that plays an important role in controlling arousal


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