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  1. Hypnosis
  2. most experts agree that hypnosis can be effectively used to
  3. Biopsychosocial Approach
  4. chromosomes
  5. dendrite
  1. a relieve pain
  2. b a social interaction in which one person suggests to another that certain perceptions feelings thoughts or behaviors will spontaneously occur
  3. c threadlike structure made of DNA molecules that contain genes
  4. d An integrated approach that incorporates biological, psychological and social cultural levels of analysis.
  5. e the neuron's bushy branching extension that receive messages and conduct impulses towards the cell body

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  1. Observe 3-and 6-year olds solving puzzles and analyze difference in their abilities.
  2. a state of divided consciousness
  3. portion of the cerebral cortex lying just behind the forehead involved in speaking and muscle movements and in making plans and judgement
  4. William James
  5. the level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impulse

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  1. community sharingcooperation and self sacrifice for the family or tribe


  2. Ecstasy (MDMA)a synthetic stimulant and mild hallucinogen, produces euphoria and social intimacy but with short term health risks and longer term harm to serotonin producing neurons and to mood and cognition


  3. CognitiveStudies how knowledge is acquired, organized, remember, and used


  4. Selective attentiona nerve network in the brainstem that plays an important role in controlling arousal


  5. During stage 1 light sleep a person is most likely to experiencelatent content or hidden meaning