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  1. LSD
  2. The tiny space between the axon of a sending neuron and the dendrite or cell body of a receiving neuron is called the
  3. mutation
  4. the activation syntheses theory suggest that dreams
  5. Cognitive Neuroscience
  1. a synaptic gap
  2. b a powerful hallucinogenic drug
  3. c The interdisciplinary study of the brain activity linked with cognition.
  4. d are the brains attempt to make sense of random neural activity
  5. e a random error in gene replication that leads to a change

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  1. young children
  2. evaluating whether adopted children's personalities more closely resemble those of their adoptive parents or their biological parents
  3. The longstanding controversy over the relative contributions that genes and experience make to development of psychological traits and behaviors. Todays science sees traits and behavior arising from the interaction of nature and nurture.
  4. the principle that among the range of inherited traits variations those that lead to increased reproduction and survival will most likely be passed on to succeeding generations
  5. a persons characteristic emotional reactivity and intensity

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  1. SpiritualHow does God's purpose affect their behavior


  2. REM reboundthe tendency for REM sleep to increase following REM sleep deprivation


  3. opiatesa technique for ascertaining the self-reported attitudes or behaviors of a particular group, usually by questioning a representative random sample of the group


  4. aggressionThe extent to which two factors vary together, and thus of how well either factor predicts the other


  5. SQ3RA study method incorporating 5 steps: Survey, Question, Read, Rehearse, Review