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In what trade was Johnny being trained?


List 3 reasons why Johnny was well liked.

He was good with his hands, he was dependable, he managed the shop

In one sentance, characterize Dove.

Dove is lazy, mean, jealous, and stupid.

Why does Mr. Lapham warn Johnny that pride cometh before a fall

because Johnny was gettin really proud about being a good silversmith

What famous historical figure comes into the silver shop and why?

John Hancock to get a sugar basin done that Mr. Lapham had done long ago

What did Johnny's mother leave him? Why is it important?

a silver cup and it will proove that he is related to the Lyte's

Why does Johnny have to hide his work on the sugar basin from Mr. Lapham?

because it was against the law to work on Sunday

Why did Dove bring Johnny the poor quality charcoal?

because he claims he didn't know any better and he wants to slow Johnny down and make him miserable

Describe the accident that took place in the shop on the Sabbath.

Dove took out the cracked cruible. Johnny slips on the wax on the floor. He reaches out the hand and burn it/

Why does Mrs. Lapham send for midwife Gran Hopper instead of Dr. Warren?

so that the doctors wouldn't know they broke Sabbath

What effect will the accident have on Johnny's future?

he can't use his hand or be a silversmith

When Johnny was feeling better, what did he spend most of his time doing?

looking for work

Who did Johnny mmeet in the Boston Observer's office?


Why dod you think Johnny was so mean to Mr. Tweedie?

Mr. Tweedie was basically taking Johnny's place

Describe what happened in Mr. Hancock's counting house,

He impressed them with his math and reading byt since he could not write, he didn't get the job. Mr. Hancock gave him money.

What happened when Johnny went to visit Merchant Lyte?

Merchant Lyte almost kicked him out until he mentioned a cup.

What accusation does Merchant Lyte make toward Johnny?

that he stole the cup in August

List 2 reasons why Merchant Lyte believes Johnny is guilty.

Because the place where the thieves came was room for a small boy
He had nice clothes

What punishment does Merchant Lyte request for Johnny's crimes?

Johnny to be hung

Name the 2 witnesses who testify on Johnny's behalf.

Cilla and Isaanah

Describe how Rab had gotten Cilla to court to testify on Johnny's behalf.

Shows Mrs. Lapham a letter signed by the governor and since she couldn't read she said okay.

What happened when Johnny went back to see Merchant Lyte?

Merchant Lyte accused him of admitting to the theft. A sea captain was going to take him but Johnny escapes. He almost got arrested

Where does Johnny finally get a job and what is the job?

Boston Observer delivering papers

On the night of the barn dance, Johnny's idea about something changed. WHat was it and how idd it change?

His hand. He forgot about it and no one said anything. It wasn't that bad.

Describe Events leading up to and during the Boston Tea Party in paragraph.

England taxes the colonies and they refuse to pay. The Sons of Liberty organize it. They all dressed up like Indians and chopped open tea chests and threw it overboard. The next day no one spoke that they were involved.

What is the saying the Sons of Liberty said?

No taxation without representation

What were the consequences of hte Boston Tea Party?

Boston harbor was closed; soldiers came; more and higher taxes

How did Johnny keep Lieutenant Stranger from taking Goblin?

used a sheet to scare him

Why did Johnny slap Isannah at the Lyte's house?

because she wasn't wearing clothes

What servant in the Lyte house was a Whig and not a Tory?

Mrs. Bessie

Why did Merchant Lyte and his daughter return to Boston soon after visiting their coutnry house in Milton?

There was a mab chaing them

Describe Merchant Lyte's condition.

Very sick. He can't be moved or upset.

What does Johnny find out about his family history?

His moms name was scratches off the family tree. He was a grandnepher to Merchant Lyte

Who said " we fight, we die, for a simple thing. Only that a man can stand up''? What does it mean?

James Otis. They will die just for freedom. Right of people everywhere

What is Dove's new job and why is Johnny working to earn his friendship>

British horseboy. He might have information

Describe the trade that took place between Pumpkin and Johnny.

Exchange farmers clothes for a musket

What happened to Pumpkin?

he was shot by a british firing squad

Where di the war between the colonists and the British begin?


Why couldn't all of the members of the Observer's club be arrested?

They had left

Where does Uncle Lorne hide form the British soldiers?

in a mattress

What does Lavinia Lyte tell Johnny?

that JOhnny was related to them; there were really 5 cups; Johnny's mom married a Frendch doctor. they lived in France. Dad died. Johnny and mom move to Maine.

How does Johnny prepare himself so that he can slip past the British soliders and get to Charlestown?

he use Pumpkin's uniform

What information does Johnny want to share with Doctor Warren?

Who had died, number of reinforcements, movement of British

What does Johnny learn about Rab?

he was wounded in the first volley he dies

Explain how JOhnny regains the use of his burned hand.

Doctor Warren cuts through the scar tissue

What is the "thing" that will not died even though hundreds of men will die?


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