The Genetics of Parkinson's Disease

What are the genes that have been linked to Parkinson's disease?
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Which proteins are associated with the dynamic process of mitochondrial control and regulation and how do they function together as a unit?PINK1, PARKIN and DJ1. When damaged mitochondria are functionally impaired, PINK1 binds to the outer membrane. PARKIN is then recruited, designating the mitochondria for disposal by ubiquitination.Which genes produce a symmetrical loss of striatal signal?PARKIN and PINK1How does PARKIN-PD differ from other forms of PD?there is an absence of Lewy body pathologyWhat mutations are highly dependent on ethnicity?LRRK2 mutationsWhat mutations lead to Gaucher's disease?GBA mutationsTrue or False: Homozygous GBA carriers developed Parkinsonian symptomsFalse. HeterozygousWhat results from the inhibition of knowckdown of GBA?accumulation of SNCA in cell lines expression pathogenic PD mutationsWhat happens to GBA when SNCA is overexpressed?leads to reduced GBA activityWhat is ambroxol and what happens when disease carrying fibroblasts and neuroblastoma cells are treated with it?Ambroxol is a pH dependent mixed type inhibitor of GBA. It appears to restore GBA activity in GBA mutant cell lines and reduce SNCA expression in SNCA linesWhat may be a risk factor for cognitive decline in sporadic PD?MAPT H1/H1 haplotypeHow is parkinsonism inherited?maternally inherited mutations of mtDNA across all the mitochondria in the organismHIV patients with prolonged exposure to what appear to be developing parkinsonism at a comparatively young age?nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors