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  1. laconic
  2. rhetoric
  3. meticulous
  4. credulous
  5. phlegmatic
  1. a calm; sluggish; unemotional
  2. b characterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail
  3. c the art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion
  4. d using few words; terse
  5. e tending to believe too readily; gullible

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  1. to calm or soothe; to reduce in emotional intensity
  2. having a sour or bitter taste or character
  3. promoting health or well-being
  4. having the tendency to permeate or spread throughout
  5. marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial

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  1. hubrisarrogant presumption or pride


  2. germanerelevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject matter


  3. pervadehaving the tendency to permeate or spread throughout


  4. obstinateunyielding; hardhearted; intractable


  5. bombastpompous; grandiloquent