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  1. soporific
  2. fortuitous
  3. amalgamate
  4. imperturbable
  5. credulous
  1. a causing drowsiness; tending to induce sleep
  2. b marked by extreme calm, impassivity and steadiness
  3. c happening by fortunate accident or chance
  4. d to combine several elements into a whole
  5. e tending to believe too readily; gullible

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  1. an overabundance; a surplus
  2. exhibiting a fawning attentiveness
  3. to deliberately obscure; to make confusing
  4. having the tendency to permeate or spread throughout
  5. to permeate throughout

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  1. mendacitythe condition of being untruthful; dishonesty


  2. bolsterto provide support or reinforcement


  3. pragmaticpractical rather than idealistic


  4. opprobriumdisgrace; contempt; scorn


  5. mercurialcharacterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood