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  1. rhetoric
  2. obstinate
  3. glib
  4. hubris
  5. salubrious
  1. a marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial
  2. b arrogant presumption or pride
  3. c the art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion
  4. d stubborn; hardheaded; uncompromising
  5. e promoting health or well-being

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  1. to demonstrate contempt for, as in a rule or convention
  2. a harsh denunciation
  3. agreeable; responsive to suggestion
  4. self-important or pompous writing or speech
  5. practical rather than idealistic

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  1. imperturbablecharacterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood


  2. rancorouscharacterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment


  3. amalgamateto combine several elements into a whole


  4. pedanticthe parading of learning; excessive attention to minutiae and formal rules


  5. opprobriumhaving the tendency to permeate or spread throughout


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