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  1. mercurial
  2. halcyon
  3. idolatrous
  4. mendacity
  5. pragmatic
  1. a characterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood
  2. b given to intense or excessive devotion to something
  3. c practical rather than idealistic
  4. d calm and peaceful
  5. e the condition of being untruthful; dishonesty

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  1. relevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject matter
  2. to flatter or praise excessively
  3. controversial; argumentative
  4. pompous; grandiloquent
  5. exhibiting a fawning attentiveness

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  1. pedanticthe parading of learning; excessive attention to minutiae and formal rules


  2. pervasivehaving the tendency to permeate or spread throughout


  3. impetuoustending to believe too readily; gullible


  4. diatribeto illegally use or reproduce


  5. imminentable to meet financial obligations; able to dissolve another substance


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