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a leafy shelter or recess; an arbor; a lady's sitting room
to move or act with a great show of energy (often followed by "about"); to display an abundance of (often followed by "with"); thriving or energetic activity; a stir or commotion or flurry
a cave, esp. one that is underground and of large or unknown size; a cavity produced by disease
to make impure or unsuitable by contact with something unclean, bad, poisonous; to render harmful or unusable by adding radioactive material to
the front of a building, esp. an imposing or decorative one; any side of a building facing a public way or space and finished accordingly; a superficial appearance or illusion of something
having or showing little or no interest in anything; languid; spiritless; indifferent; lethargic
to accompany or escort, usually for protection; the act of escorting for protection; the protection provided by an escort; a ship, fleet, or group of vehicles, accompanied by a protective force; any group of military vehicles traveling together under the same orders.
rugged; harsh; rough; full of rocky projections
a small, narrow opening in a wall or rock; a chink; fissure; crevice; a small out of the way place or obscure corner; a nook
of low intensity and reduced volume; softened; muffled
to remove or force out of a particular place; to drive out of a hiding place or military position;
having its original purity; unsullied; uncorrupted; relating to the earliest period or state of existence
harsh; strident; grating; rowdy; wild; disorderly
to echo or ring with sound; to make an echoing sound or sound loudly; to be celebrated or notably important
a deprivation of liberty or freedom; a device for holding someone or something captive; holding back; controlling; confining; a holding back of behavior, feelings, or emotions
to soak or impregnate or imbue thoroughly or completely; to soak so that no more liquid can be held; to destroy an area or target completely with bombs or missiles; to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism
to walk in a leisurely manner; to stroll; a leisurely walk or stroll; to ramble
a person or thing that stands guard or watches; a soldier stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack
to burn without flame; to undergo slow or suppressed combustion; to exist or to continue in a suppressed state or without outward demonstration; to display repressed feelings, as of anger or rage or indignation
of or relating to or inhabiting the woods; consisting of or abounding in woods or trees; wooded
not real or genuine; artificial; fake; something made by a chemical process, such as polyester or rayon
being in a state of agitation or tumult; disturbed; disordered; violently disarranged
having a trace of something bad, offensive, or harmful; being dishonored or discredited; infected, contaminated, sullied
superficial surface treatment; thin layers of wood or other material facing or inlaying wood; any of the thin layers of wood glued together to make plywood; a superficially valuable or pleasing appearance (The evil queen had a ------- of kindness until you crossed her.)
a small rounded hill or hillock
1. to cause to move in a quick, tumbling motion or with force; shake....2. to upset or excite...3. to try to stir up public support (often followed by "for" or "against").
having or showing too much pride; behaving as though one is more important than others.
1. a hole or tunnel dug by certain animals for use as a hiding place or home...2. to dig into or in the earth...3. to move as if digging such a hole or tunnel
1. a raised rim where a street meets the edge of the sidewalk...2. anything that controls or holds something back...3. to control or hold back.
1. a military force that is located in a fort, village, or similar place...2. a military fort...3. to establish a military position in...4. to place in such a location
a small, narrow valley
1. having to do with war...2. having to do with soldiers or armies...3. the armed forces
somewhat wet; damp
1. living or happening in the country...2. relating to the country; crude; simple
to move as if afraid or ashamed;...to go quietly so as to avoid attention
the strength to handle long effort or disappointment
1. to walk with long, even steps...2. to pass over in one long step...3. a long walking step, or the manner of taking long steps in walking...4. (often plural) a forward leap; progress
1. a nest built high on a cliff or mountain, especially by an eagle or other bird of prey...2. a house or fortified structure located on a height.
a building used for storing weapons and ammunition
1. an official who decides what art, movies, or books may be published. A censor works for a government, religion, or other organization, and promotes its ideas...2. anyone who exercises control over information or idea...3. to examine and control the content of....
to free or release from difficulty, entanglement, or involvement; to disengage
a person who pretends to be different or better than he or she really is. Someone who does not act according to his or her stated beliefs
to fill with energy, strength, or life
feeling exhausted; feeling fatigued;feeling weary; without energy
1. having to do with the sea; living in or caused by the sea...2. having to do with ships.
a difficult or dangerous situation with a solution that may be hard to find
showing embarrassment, as from becoming aware of having done something foolish or stupid
1. a shallow area within a body of water...2. an elevated ridge or area in the bottom of a body of water, especially one that is uncovered at low tide; sandbar.
1. drenched with liquid; saturated; soaked...2. soggy and heavy, as food that has been cooked too long or improperly...3. bloated and expressionless...4. lethargic or unimaginative; dull
1. to give a beating to; whip...2. to move around in a wild, whipping way (often followed by "around")