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  1. artery, arteriole, venule, capillary
  2. Abdominal
  3. Osteology
  4. heart.
  5. brain
  1. a The study of bones is
  2. b Which of these identifies an important body cavity?
  3. c The internal carotid artery is the main blood
  4. d Which of the following lists the blood vessels in the order that an erythrocyte passes as it leaves the heart, travels to a tissue, and returns to the heart ?
  5. e The coronary arteries supply blood to the

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  1. A term that identifies one of the two divisions of the skeleton is
  2. The study of the heart is
  3. A blood vessel closely associated with the RIGHT ATRIUM of the heart is the
  4. The arch of the aorta gives off
  5. The bicuspid valve of the heart controls the flow
    of blood through the

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  1. Radial arteryWhich of these blood vessels is located on the
    lateral aspect of the forearm?


  2. right lymphatic duct.Lymph fluid from the right upper extremity drains
    through the


  3. Biscupid and Tricuspid valuesWhat is another name for the left atrio-ventricular


  4. Left ventricleThe heart chamber in which pulmonary circulation
    terminates is the


  5. psoas majorThe union of the splenic vein and the superior


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