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  1. Superior mesenteric artery
  2. abduction
  3. superficial
  4. radial artery.
  5. Posterior auricular artery
  1. a What blood vessel supplies oxygenated blood to
    the small intestine and the right half of the large intestine?
  2. b A term of that suggests a location close to the surface of the body or body part is
  3. c Which of the following is a branch of the external
    carotid artery?
  4. d The pulse is usually taken at the
  5. e The act of moving the arm laterally is

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  1. The small cone-shaped muscles that project into
    the lumen of the ventricles of the heart are
  2. Another name for the right atrio-ventricular valve
    of the heart is
  3. What blood vessel is formed by the union of the
    right and left vertebral arteries?
  4. An artery closely associated with the inguinal
    ligament is the
  5. The continuation of the ascending aorta is the

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  1. left atrium.The pulmonary veins convey highly oxygenated
    blood into the


  2. Ophthalmic arteryThe artery that is transmitted through the adductor
    canal is the


  3. phlebology.The study of the veins of the body is


  4. bileWhich of these is a bone of the face?


  5. hearingThe heart is ________ to the diaphragm.