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  1. Temporal
  2. connective
  3. Graafian follicle
  4. Mastoid process
  5. adduction
  1. a What muscle action causes a body part to move toward the median plane?
  2. b A term identifies one of the basic body tissues
  3. c The ovarian follicle is also known as:
  4. d The carotid canal is found in what bone?
  5. e What important bony landmark is located just
    behind the earlobe?

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  1. An artery that is closely associated with the
    inguinal ligament is the
  2. The occipitofrontalis muscle is also known as the
  3. Which of these blood vessels arises at the
    termination of the subclavian artery?
  4. The posterior intercostal arteries are parietal
    branches of the
  5. Are two bones located in the medial wall of each orbit between the ehmoid and maxillary bones.

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  1. Esophageal arteriesWhich of the following is the large artery of the
    upper arm?


  2. Celiac arteryThe term tunica externa suggests which of the
    following body structures?


  3. Subclavian arteryThe third branch of the arch of the aorta is the


  4. Pulmonary semilunar valveWhich of the following blood valves transmit de-oxygenated blood?


  5. Great SaphenousWhich of these blood vessels is considered to be the longest vein in the body?