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  2. epicranius
  3. pulmonary,
  4. psoas major
  5. left atrium.
  1. a The heart chamber in which pulmonary circulation
    terminates is the
  2. b The occipitofrontalis muscle is also known as the
  3. c Which blood vessel begins at the lateral border of the 1st rib and terminates as it passes by the tendon of the TERES MAJOR MUSCLE?
  4. d That portion of the circulatory system that conveys
    blood from the heart to the lungs, and returns it to
    the heart is identified by the term
  5. e The external iliac artery lies along the medial border of which of the following muscles?

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  1. The pulmonary veins convey highly oxygenated
    blood into the
  2. The internal thoratic artery is a branch of the
  3. A vein that arises from the dorsal venous network
    of the hand is the
  4. Which of these valves are found in the human heart?
  5. A term that identifies a body system is

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  1. Orbicularis oculi, Sternocleidomastoid, Diaphragm, GastrocnemiusWhich of the following lists the muscles in the order in which rigor mortis appears?


  2. Mastoid processThe union of two arteries is called:


  3. tunica intima.The type of blood vessel that carries blood in a
    general direction away from the heart is


  4. axillary vein.Which of the following can be located on the
    medial and superficial aspect of the forearm?


  5. AortaWhich of the following arteries is most closely
    associated with the left ventricle of the heart?