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  1. Brachial
  2. Subclavian artery
  3. deep palmar arch.
  4. Pulmonary Semilunar and Tricuspid valve
  5. axillary vein.
  1. a Failure of fluid distribution to the area below the elbow would indicate a possible blockage of which of the following arteries:
  2. b Which of the following blood valves transmit de-oxygenated blood?
  3. c An artery that is considered to be the continuation
    of the radial artery is the
  4. d The basilic vein terminates by emptying into the
  5. e The internal thoratic artery is a branch of the

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  1. Which of the following veins arises from the
    dorsal venous network of the foot?
  2. The heart chamber in which pulmonary circulation
    terminates is the
  3. The imaginary, vertical plane that cuts through the body in such a manner as to divide it into two symmetrical halves is referred to as the
  4. Which quadrants of the body feed the left lymph duct?
  5. The inner layer of the wall of an artery or vein
    is the

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  1. anatomyThe type of blood vessel that carries blood in a
    general direction away from the heart is


  2. inferiorIn anatomical study, the direction toward the front of the body is referred to as


  3. saphenous veins.A vein that arises from the dorsal venous network
    of the hand is the


  4. right atrium and right ventricle.The tricuspid valve is located between the


  5. Esophageal arteriesWhich of these blood vessels is located on the
    lateral aspect of the forearm?