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  1. Ophthalmic artery
  2. Biscupid and Tricuspid values
  3. Pulmonary Semilunar and Tricuspid valve
  4. platysma
  5. endocardium.
  1. a Thin layer of muscle covering the anterior aspect of the neck
  2. b The inner layer of the wall of the heart is the:
  3. c Which of these valves are found in the human heart?
  4. d Which branch of the internal carotid artery sup-
    plies blood to the eyeball?
  5. e Which of the following blood valves transmit de-oxygenated blood?

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  1. The portion of the skull that encloses the brain is
  2. The imaginary, vertical plane that cuts through the body in such a manner as to divide it into two symmetrical halves is referred to as the
  3. What important bony landmark is located just
    behind the earlobe?
  4. After blood passes the mitral valve, it will be in the:
  5. The type of blood vessel that carries blood in a
    general direction away from the heart is

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  1. Common hepatic arteryWhich of he following branches of the external
    carotid artery supplies blood to the nose, lips and


  2. temporal boneThe auditory ossicles are contained within the


  3. AngiologyThe study of the circulatory system is also known as:


  4. AnastomosesThe study of the structures of the body is


  5. superior vena cava.The large vein that returns deoxygenated blood
    from the lower extremities and the abdomen to the
    right atrium of the heart is the