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  1. left atrioventricular orifice.
  2. femoral vein.
  3. passes through the adductor canal.
  4. systemic circulation.
  5. phlebology.
  1. a The external iliac vein arises as the continuation of
  2. b The study of the veins of the body is
  3. c The part of the vascular system that takes
    oxygenated blood to the body and then returns
    deoxygenated blood back to the heart is the
  4. d The bicuspid valve of the heart controls the flow
    of blood through the
  5. e The femoral vein

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  1. The small cone-shaped muscles that project into
    the lumen of the ventricles of the heart are
  2. Which of these blood vessels is one of the
    trifurcation branches of the celiac trunk?
  3. Forms the lower part of the back and base of the cranium. Acts as a cradle for the brain.
  4. The study of blood is called
  5. These bones are located on the upper jaw. They form the skeletal base for most of the superior porton of the face, anterior roof of the mouth, sides and floor of the nasal cavity, and floor of the orbits.

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  1. Ethmoid boneHow many bones are in the appendicular skeleton?


  2. mandibleThe horseshoe shaped bone forming the lower jaw. It consists of two portions, the bady and the ramus.


  3. Brachiocephalic arteryWhich of the following bifurcates into the right subclavian and right common carotid arteries?


  4. Mastoid processWhich of the following can be located on the
    medial and superficial aspect of the forearm?


  5. Pulmonary Semilunar and Tricuspid valveWhich of the following blood valves transmit de-oxygenated blood?


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