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  1. psoas major
  2. oropharynx
  3. Graafian follicle
  4. Brachial
  5. Adductor longus
  1. a Failure of fluid distribution to the area below the elbow would indicate a possible blockage of which of the following arteries:
  2. b The ovarian follicle is also known as:
  3. c Which of these is a muscle of the thigh?
  4. d The external iliac artery lies along the medial border of which of the following muscles?
  5. e The middle section of the pharynx is the

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  1. The right and left innominate veins combine to
    fonn the
  2. The type of blood vessel that carries blood in a
    general direction away from the heart is
  3. The arch of the aorta gives off
  4. Which of the following is considered to be the
    longest artery of the body?
  5. A superficial vein of the arm is the

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  1. inferior vena cava.The renal veins are tributaries to the


  2. 206A term that identifies one of the two divisions of the skeleton is


  3. Celiac trunk arteryThe liver receives its blood supply from which of
    the following?


  4. An arteryWhich of the following is considered to be the
    longest artery of the body?


  5. Parietal bonesThese bones create the superior portion of the sides and back of the cranium as well as the posterior 2/3 of the roof of the cranium.