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  1. passes through the adductor canal.
  2. Left ventricle
  3. superior vena cava.
  4. large intestine.
  5. Internal jugular vein
  1. a The femoral vein
  2. b The inferior mesenteric artery supplies blood to the
  3. c The right and left innominate veins combine to
    fonn the
  4. d After blood passes the mitral valve, it will be in the:
  5. e Which of the following joins the subclavian vein
    to form the innominate vein?

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  1. Microscopic anatomy may also be referred to as
  2. The anterior 1/3 of the cranium froming the forhead and parts of the eye socket and most of the anterior of the cranial floor.
  3. These bones are located on the upper jaw. They form the skeletal base for most of the superior porton of the face, anterior roof of the mouth, sides and floor of the nasal cavity, and floor of the orbits.
  4. Points of origin and termination in relation to adjacent structures refer to:
  5. An artery that is closely associated with the
    inguinal ligament is the

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  1. Occipital boneForms the lower part of the back and base of the cranium. Acts as a cradle for the brain.


  2. axillary vein.The external jugular vein terminates by emptying
    into the


  3. deep palmar arch.An artery closely associated with the inguinal
    ligament is the


  4. Common facial arteryWhich of he following branches of the external
    carotid artery supplies blood to the nose, lips and


  5. VomerWhich of the following arteries is most closely
    associated with the left ventricle of the heart?