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  1. Posterior auricular artery
  2. anterior cerebral artery.
  3. Sphemoid bone
  4. left atrioventricular orifice.
  5. Aorta artery
  1. a Of the following arteries, the one involved in the
    make-up of the Circle of Willis is the
  2. b The bicuspid valve of the heart controls the flow
    of blood through the
  3. c Which of the following is a branch of the external
    carotid artery?
  4. d Which of the following is considered to be the
    longest artery of the body?
  5. e located at the anterior part of the base of the skull and binds the other cranial bones together.

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  1. These bones create the superior portion of the sides and back of the cranium as well as the posterior 2/3 of the roof of the cranium.
  2. It may be said of veins that they
  3. The anterior 1/3 of the cranium froming the forhead and parts of the eye socket and most of the anterior of the cranial floor.
  4. A pair of veins that drain the legs are the
  5. The papillary muscles are found in the make-up of

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  1. portal veinThe internal carotid artery is the main blood


  2. Abdominal aortaWhich of these identifies an important body cavity?


  3. artery, arteriole, venule, capillaryA blood vessel closely associated with the RIGHT ATRIUM of the heart is the


  4. Hetercrine glandA term of that suggests a location close to the surface of the body or body part is


  5. Radial arteryThe pulse is usually taken at the