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Vaccines bring about a type of immunity referred to as
naturally acquired passive
this type of immunity which is the result of placetal transfer of antibodies is called
The serum derived from an animal that has been immunized to an infectous desease and is used to confer immunity to others, including humans, is called
A foreign protein, which when introduced into the body, excistes the body cells to produce antibodies against inself, is called an
artifically acquired passive
The type acquired immunity that results from the inoculaton of immune serum is called
Lack of resistance to a specific disease is called
Substances produced by body cells to combat foregin proteins intorduced into the living body are called
Antibodies that inactiviate bacterial cells by causing the cells to form clumps are called
The type of immunity conferred after birth is called
The type of immunity that is inherited is called
artificially acquired active
The type of immunity that results from the icoculation of a toxoid is
The causative agent of a disease modified in such a manner that it will no longer cause the disease but will still promote the producton of antibodies is an
A highly developed state of resistance to a specific disease is called
droplet spray
The organisms responsibile for the infection epidemic meningitis exit from the host by means of
Infections caused by members of the genus Samonella are primarily transmitted by
The portal of entry of Samonella typhi is
Ophtalmia neonatorum is an infection caused by a species of bacteria which is a member of the genus
Endospore formation is charteristic of the members of the genus
Lockjaw is the common name for the disease
clostridium perfringens
Gas gangrene and tissue gas is caused by
local skin abscesses are infections usually caused by members of the genus
asiatic cholera
Vibrio cholerae are bacteria responsible for the infection called
mycobacterium tuberculosis
Which of the following organisms has a high lipid content of a cell wall?
whooping cough
Pertussis is a disease that is commonly called
Rabbit fever is the common name for the disease
childbed fever
Puerperal sepsis is commonly referred to as
clostridium perfringens
which of the following organisms is an exotoxin producer?
streptococcus pyogenes
The causative agent of the infection called septic sore throat is
Which of the following diseases may be caused by the organisms responsible for infection entering the body through the unbroken skin?
bacillus anthracis
Endospore formation is a characteristic of
rheumatic fever
Streptococcus pyogenes is respobsible for the infectious disease
treponema pallidum
Which of the following organisms is the causative agent for a venereal disease?
infectious jaundice
Weil's disease is another name for
ophthalmia neonatorum
Silver nitrate prophylaxis was once used for the control of
nose and mouth
The portal of entry of Streptococcus pneumoniae is the
Antibodies that cause clumping of the antigenic substances are called
streptococcus pneumoniae
Which of the following organisms is capable of forming capsules when living as parasites?
Which of the following diseases are caused by a spiral-shaped organism?
treponema pallidum
Syphilis is an infection caused by
Septic sore throat is caused by a
female repoductive tract
The disease known as puerperal sepsis occurs in the
optimum temperature
The temperature at which a species of bacteria grows best is
An organism that can utilize inorganic matter as food is called
facultative parasite
A bacterium that pefers dead inorganic material, but can also obtain nourishment from living orgainc material is an
binary fission
Bacteria usually repoduce by
which of the following is caused by Chlamydia?
The causative agent of typhus fever is
riskettsia rickettsii
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Rabies is also called
q fever
Which of the following is caused by riskettsia?
which of the following would most likely transmit typhoid fever as a mechanical vector?
entamoeba histolytica
Which of the following is an example of a pathogenic protozoa?
What disease is identified with the condition called hydrophobia?
entamoeba histolytica
Which is the causeative agent for dysentery?
Immunities resulting from natural processes not involving lab procedures.
Naturally active, naturally passive, artificially active, and artificially passive are all types of:
Produce a catalyzing enzyme for decomposition
Saprophytic bacteria exhibit all of the following charateristics EXCEPT:
Low tension liquids spread over a greater area
Surface tension is significant in disinfection because:
The process of completely removing or destroying all microorganisms on a substance by exposure to chemical or physical agents, exposure to ionizing radiation, or by filtering gas or liquids through porous materials that remove microorganisms is called:
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is caused by:
Artificially acquired active
An immunity given by a vaccine is:
A tick borne disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Rickettsia rickettsii is:
Have been subjected to unfavorable conditions
Spores are most likely to germinate when they:
Facultative anaerobe
An organism that feeds on dead organic matter only is a:
What superficial dermatomycosis increases when associated with AIDS?
The causative organism in Primary Atypical Pneumonia is:
what infection is one which is the causative agents enter the body from the outside by entering through one of the portals of entry?
A substance that induces the formation of antibodies and that interact specifically with them is:
Inhibit bacterial growth
A bacteriostatic agent will:
The state or condition in which the body, or part of it, is invaded by a pathogenic agent that, under favorable conditions, multiplies and produces injurious effects is called:
Bacteria in the blood, that is NOT growing and multiplying is:
bacterial disease
Tuberculosis is an example of a
Most pathogenic bacteria grow best at a pH of:
Grows by infiltration and Causes tissue damage
Which of the following are true of malignant neoplasm's ?
A minute organism not visible with an ordinary light microscope is a:
Viruses are unaffected by the action of:
Treponema pallidum
What etiological agent causes a chancre?
Those spore forming bacteria that currently contain
spores are called
An asymptomatic person who carries disease organisms is what type of carrier?
Speed of action, Ability to attack a broad base of bacteria,
When properly disinfecting embalming equipment, you should consider the following qualities of the disinfectant:
An aldehyde and alcohol based solution
When disinfecting removal equipment you should use:
Which superfical dermatomycosis increases when associated with AIDS?
selective toxicity
An importnant factor in any consideration of the mode of action of antimicrobial compunds is
when first emitted from the body
Pathogenic microbes are most virulent
provides an effective barrier to portals of entry and is required by Osha's bloodborne pathogen rule.
Wearing protective clothing and exercising Universial Precautions while removing the deceased from the place of death
mesophilic bacteria.
Those bacteria that grow best at a relatively
moderate temperature are called
minimum temperature.
The lowest temperature at which growth for a
species will take place is the
maximum temperature.
The highest temperature at which growth for a
species will take place is the
facultative anaerobe.
A bacteria that grows and reproduces best in the
presence of oxygen, but can also grow and
reproduce in its absence, is a
pH is a method for measurement of
streptococcus pneumoniae
What organism causes the condition of lobar pneumonia?
Which organism is acid fast positive?
Those bacteria that grow best at a relatively high
temperature are
Those bacteria that grow best at a relatively low
temperature are
Which organisms are known as the "true fungi"?
The study of the smallest microscopic life form is
Which structure functions to protect the organism
and to enhance its virulence?
entamoeba histolytica
Which of these is an example of a pathogenic protozoa?
Diplococci are shaped in
packets of four
Tetrads are shaped in
irregular graplike clusters
Staphylococci are shaped in
Streptococci are shaped in
The enterance into a host by means of a deep puncture wound may cause
Naturally acquired active
This type of immunity is established by having had a case of the disease.
Active immunity
This immunity is established slowly and is usually of long duration.
The process of destroying pathogenic micoroorganisms or inhibiting their growth and vital activity.
Diease of improperly cooked meat is
What is the causative agent for Primary Atypical Pneumonia?
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
What disease causes dementia, memory loss, and death?
Which disease is caused by only 1 organism?
mechanical vector
A living organism or an object that is capable of transmitting infections by carrying the disease agent on its external body parts or surface.
a toxin produced by a microorganism and excreted into its surrounding medium, generally protein in nature.