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He was a safavid who ruled in a great time of economic development, but after he died, his empire declined, finally ending in 1736


He was the greatest Mughal emperor who took the throne at age 13


He was a descendent of the Mongol leader Timur who attacked the sultante of Delhi and eventually occupied Delhi and its surrounding region


he brought all of modern Iran and part of present-day Iraq under his rule

Mehmed II

became sultan in 1444 and conquered constantinople in 1453, renamed it istanbul, and made it the ottoman capital


he had great success fighting the Byzantines, his tribe members were called Ottomans

Safi od-din

the safavids were descended from him

Shah Jahan

he was the Mughal ruler who is best known for the construction of the taj mahal


he was the greatest ottoman sultan who brought the ottoman empire to it's height


warriors for Islam; Turkish soldiers who were the first ottomans


highly trained troop of slave soldiers for ottoman sultans


military army developed by the safavids to fight for political power


separate, self-governed religious minorities within the ottoman empire


indian warrior princess who began challenging turkish muslims control in india in the 1500s


masses of ordinary subjects in ottoman society


religion based on teh teachings of nanak, and indian mystic in the 1500s, who tried to unite the Hindu and muslim religions

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