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  1. an osteoma
  2. stenosis
  3. infarct
  4. malignant tumor of fibrous connective tissue
  5. Syphilis
  1. a Of the following neoplasms, the one that
    is benign is
  2. b A fibrosarcoma is a
  3. c A mass of necrotic tissue that results from
    circulatory obstruction is called a(n)
  4. d Gumma is the characteristic lesion of the tertiary stage of:
  5. e The narrowing of the esophagus is called

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  1. Shrinkage of the uterus after menopause is called
  2. Pus in the pleural cavity is called
  3. A common cause of accidental or suicidal poisoning is:
  4. A circumscribed collection of pus surrounded by a
    wall of inflammatory tissue designates a(an)
  5. A general term used to designate the state of collapse that follows severe tissue injury is

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  1. LeukocytosisA marked decrease in the number of leukocytes in
    the blood is referred to as


  2. jaundiceThe pathological term for a boil is


  3. leukemiaOf the following disorders, the one with the high-
    est incidence of fatality is


  4. ulcerAn area of necrosis in which dead cells are
    sloughed from a free surface is called a(an)


  5. hemangiosarcomaTumor like swelling of blood.