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  1. epithelioma
  2. hemangiosarcoma
  3. infarction
  4. Kidneys
  5. an adenocarcinoma
  1. a A malignant tumor of epithelial tissue is called
  2. b Of the following neoplasms, the one that is
    malignant and composed of blood vessels is called
  3. c Of the following neoplasms, the one that is a
    malignancy composed of the epithelial tissue of a
    gland is
  4. d Tuberculosis bacillus may be present in urine in the secondary infection of the:
  5. e A pathological condition primarily associated with
    arteries is

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  1. A mass of necrotic tissue that results from
    circulatory obstruction is called a(n)
  2. The formation of pus is a process called
  3. A benign neoplasm found in blood vessels is known as:
  4. The pathological term for a boil is
  5. Clothing soiled with the blood of a victim of a car accident should be:

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  1. bloodAntibodies are to be found in the


  2. empyemaPus in the pleural cavity is called


  3. HematomaTumor like swelling of blood.


  4. PhlegmonAcute diffuse inflammation of subcutaneous connective tissue describes


  5. hemorrhoidsVaricosity of the veins around the rectum is a condition known as


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