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  1. Angioma
  2. blood
  3. rheumatic heart disease
  4. physiological atrophy
  5. regeneration
  1. a The replacement of destroyed tissue with the exact same kind of tissue is a process called
  2. b Shrinkage of the uterus after menopause is called
  3. c A disorder believed to develop as an after effect of a severe streptococcal infection is
  4. d Nonmalignant tumor of vascular orgin (cardio or lynph)
  5. e Antibodies are to be found in the

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  1. The form of anemia that develops as a
    complication of another disease such as
    hemorrhage is identified by the term
  2. Myocardial infarction is a likely after-effect of
  3. The narrowing of the esophagus is called
  4. Which of the following pathological conditions has
    a protective function
  5. Clothing soiled with the blood of a victim of a car accident should be:

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  1. adhesionsHemorrhoids is a condition primarily involving


  2. infarctionThe termination of an inflammatory reaction with
    the return to normal of the body part would be


  3. thrombosisDeath of a localized area of tissue is a condition
    known as


  4. PathologyThe study of the change of structure and function of the tissues of the body as a result of disease is


  5. RuborWhich is NOT a somatic mode of death?


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