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  1. acute
  2. ulcer
  3. renal calculi
  4. Leukocytosis
  5. endometriosis
  1. a A disease having a sudden onset and short duration is referred to as
  2. b Occurrence of endometrium in locations other then the lining of uterus.
  3. c An increase in the number of leukocytes (above 10,000 per cu. Mm) in blood, and generally caused by the presence of infection and usually transient is called:
  4. d An area of necrosis in which dead cells are
    sloughed from a free surface is called a(an)
  5. e Calculi that form within the kidney are called

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  1. That branch of pathology concerned with accidents and homicides is called
  2. Myocarditis is a disease that primarily involves the
  3. Inflammation of the lining membrane of the heart is called:
  4. Which of the following predisposes to thrombosis?
  5. A mass of necrotic tissue that results from
    circulatory obstruction is called a(n)

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  1. glycosuriaA condition involving sugar in the urine is called


  2. embolismA circulatory disorder that is often found to occur
    as an after-effect of a diseased heart valve is


  3. pneumoconiosisA chronic condition of the lungs caused by the
    inhalation of dust particles is known as


  4. chronicConditions characterized by excessive concentration of bilirubin in the skin and tissues and deposition of excessive bile pigment in the skin, cornea, body fluids, and mucous membranes with the resulting yellow apperance of the patient.


  5. embolismBlockage of a blood vessel by some foreign object
    floating to the site in the blood stream is called a(n)