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  1. active hyperemia
  2. blood
  3. pathological hypertrophy
  4. 1, 2, and 3
  5. pneumoconiosis
  1. a Enlargement of the heart to offset a valvular
    defect is
  2. b Antibodies are to be found in the
  3. c Which of the following best describes inflammation? 1-Has the suffix "itis" attached to the infected tissue, 2-Heat. Pain, redness, swelling, loss of function of the body part, 3-Calor, rubor, dolor, and altered function, 4-Color, gas, odor, and desquamation.
  4. d Increased arterial circulation leading to congestion
    of blood is called
  5. e A chronic condition of the lungs caused by the
    inhalation of dust particles is known as

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  1. Pancarditis is a disease primarily involving the
  2. That branch of pathology concerned with accidents and homicides is called
  3. Gumma is the characteristic lesion of the tertiary stage of:
  4. The body fluid most closely associated with
    thrombopenia is
  5. Calculi that form within the kidney are called

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  1. pancreatitisInflammation of a vein is a condition called


  2. predisposing conditionsConditions that make a body more susceptible to disease without actually causing it are called


  3. It is always fatalAn exciting cause of disease


  4. melanomaA benign neoplasm found in blood vessels is a


  5. repairOf the following locations, thrombi would likely
    be found in the