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  1. plethora
  2. passive hyperemia
  3. thrombus
  4. Glioma, Lymphoma
  5. Considered potentially infectious
  1. a Which of the following are considered malignant? 1-Lipoma, 2-Glioma, 3- Lymphoma, 4-Osteoma
  2. b A blood clot that has formed within the heart or a blood vessel during life is referred to as a
  3. c More then the normal total volume of blood in the body is a condition known as
  4. d Accumulation of blood in a part due to venous
    obstruction is called
  5. e Clothing soiled with the blood of a victim of a car accident should be:

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  1. Venous thrombosis may cause
  2. Antibodies are to be found in the
  3. The termination of an inflammatory reaction with
    the return to normal of the body part would be
  4. A neoplasm that is malignant and pigmented is a
  5. Tumor like swelling of blood.

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  1. infarctionA pathological condition primarily associated with
    arteries is


  2. clinical pathologyThat branch of pathology dealing with the body as a whole, without regard to any particular organ or system is


  3. lining of tracheaA malignant neoplasm composed of fatty
    connective tissue is called


  4. an angiomaNonmalignant tumor of vascular orgin (cardio or lynph)


  5. myocardial infarctionBlockage of a coronary artery is likely to lead to


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