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  1. abscess
  2. cerebral hemorrhage
  3. Race
  4. hyperplasia
  5. Occupational
  1. a Arteriosclerosis involving the cerebral arteries may be expected to lead to
  2. b Coal dust deposited in the lungs of miners would be an example of an ____ disease.
  3. c A circumscribed collection of pus surrounded by a
    wall of inflammatory tissue designates a(an)
  4. d A controlled enlargement of a body organ or part due to an increase in the number of its component cells describes
  5. e Which of the following may be considered a
    predisposing factor of disease?

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  1. A disease resulting from adrenal gland deficiency and characterized by bronzing of the skin is known as
  2. Which of the following is most likely developed from thrombophlebitis?
  3. The expulsion of blood of a gastric origin from the mouth is
  4. That branch of pathology concerned with accidents and homicides is called
  5. Inflammation of endometruim, the inner lining of the uterus

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  1. furuncleConditions characterized by excessive concentration of bilirubin in the skin and tissues and deposition of excessive bile pigment in the skin, cornea, body fluids, and mucous membranes with the resulting yellow apperance of the patient.


  2. diagnosisThe identification of a disease is called


  3. pathological atrophyOf the following conditions, the one that is a
    common heart disorder is


  4. LymphangiomaOf the following neoplasms, the one that is benign
    and composed of a mass of minute blood vessels
    or lymph vessels is


  5. AngiosarcomaA malignant neoplasm composed of fatty
    connective tissue is called