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  1. thrombosis
  2. coronary thrombosis
  3. necrosis
  4. glycosuria
  5. Thyroid
  1. a Myocardial infarction is a likely after-effect of
  2. b Death of a localized area of tissue is a condition
    known as
  3. c A condition involving sugar in the urine is called
  4. d Myxedema is caused by the low function of what gland?
  5. e Formation of a blood clot attached to the wall of
    the heart or blood vessels is called

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  1. A marked increase in the number of red blood cells is a condition referred to as
  2. Which is NOT a somatic mode of death?
  3. An abnormal channel connecting two surfaces is
    called a(an)
  4. The thick liquid that collects around an infection
    site is called
  5. The prediction of the probable outcome of a
    disease is called

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  1. pathological hypertrophyShrinkage of the uterus after menopause is called


  2. hydronephrosisA general term for describing any disease process that results in reduction in the mass of bone per unit of volume is:


  3. GangreneVenous thrombosis may cause


  4. empyemaoverdistension of pilmonary air sacs with air; presence of ai i tissues.


  5. pneumoconiosisA chronic condition of the lungs caused by the
    inhalation of dust particles is known as