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  1. adhesions
  2. anuria
  3. syphilis
  4. regeneration
  5. special pathology
  1. a The divison of pathology that deals with individual body organs or systems is
  2. b A term that represents a common complication of healing is
  3. c A gumma is a lesion of
  4. d The replacement of destroyed tissue with the exact same kind of tissue is a process called
  5. e Complete urinary suppression is called

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  1. Blockage of a coronary artery is likely to lead to
  2. A history of atherosclerosis predisposes one to suspect:
  3. The pathological term for a boil is
  4. Myocardial infarction is a likely after-effect of
  5. A common cause of accidental or suicidal poisoning is:

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  1. a polypA benign tumor commonly found on mucous
    membranes is


  2. heartA mass of necrotic tissue that results from
    circulatory obstruction is called a(n)


  3. liposarcomaMalignant tumor of vascular system (lymph or cardio)


  4. peritonitisInflammation of the lining of the abdomen is


  5. clinical pathologyThat branch of pathology dealing with the body as a whole, without regard to any particular organ or system is