OK history Chapter 4


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1st Europeans to visit the americas
date when the 1st Europeans visited the Americas
1001 A.D.
Where in OK is evidence?(1st Europeans to visit Americas)
Few things Europeans treasured from Asia
New trade routes, silk, gold, spices, teas, jewels
some obstacles faced by Europeans in trading with Asia
dessert, long journey, exposure to weather, and protection from robbers
what nationality was Christopher Colombus
what country did Christopher C represent
what did Christopher c believe that most explorers didn't
the world was round
where did Christopher C believe he landed in 1492
Bahamas and carribean
where did Christopher C actually land
who did Christopher C encounter on his journey
Giovanni Caboto (john Cabot)
Italian, funded by English. 1st European to actually reach N American Mainland, 1497
VAsco dA GAmA
20 yr old Portuguese navigator. 1498 sailed S around Africa, admiral of Indian ocean (awarded 20 war ships), sailed S instead of E
Amerigo Vespucci
Italian, sailed down the coast of S America, convinced it was a new continent, new land would eventually America bc of him. 1507
Ferdinand MaGeLLan
Portugal explorer, funded by Spanish, went all the way around GLobe. 1st to circumnavigate the globe, 1519-1522
Spanish, landed in Mexico (1519), in 1521 he conquered Aztec Indians, befriends leader, took all riches and gold in Aztec city
Spanish, 1535, conquers Inca of Peru, captures richest silver mine in the world
Spanish, set out to conquer territory from Rio grande to Florida (unsuccessful), 1527, journal entries sparked interest in other explorers
Cabeza de VAca
Spanish, Spanish explorer of the New World, and one of four surViVors of the 1527 NArváez expedition
Spanish, went N out of Mexico looking for "Cities of Gold" in 1540, priest traveled with him, described OK as not good
Spanish, Priest Padilla, marched N from Mexico to set missionary efforts (lasts 2 yrs)
De soto
Spanish, 1539 explored SE US looking for gold (unsuccessful:(
Spanish, wrote OK had nothing of monetary value, est first Spanish settlement in New Mexico
what were Spanish explorers looking for in the New World
gold and wealth
what were French looking for in the New World
est. fur trade (opposite of Spain)
Jolliet and Marquette
French, explored Mississippi R looking for NW passage
La SaLLe
French, led expedition for France down Mississippi aLL the way down to the Gulf of Mexco
Baptiste and Bienville
French, Est, Louisiana as a Fort in 1718
French, 1719 est. a trading post along red river in OK, wrote amongst the Catto tribes, description is drastically diff than anyone elses (OK IS VERY VALUABLE)
Mallet and Bruyere
French, Explored the canadian river while trying to open up trade routes to Santa Fe , hoping to get to new Mexico and set up trade with spanish
MarcO PolO
French, Traveled tO china and wrOte abOut his travels
What was English goal in New World
wanted to colonize
1st English settlement was