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first settlers to a new frontier.


in the early 1800's, the only people from the United States to visit California were...


People who or search a new frontier or territory to map and provide trails for pioneers.


adventurers who capture and kill animals, such as beavers for their fur


People who are native to the country of Mexico, which used to include CaliforniaCalifornios).


People who are native to the California region of Mexicobefore California became part of the US)

Sierra Nevada

Moutain range that was the main LAND obstacle between settlers and California.


The Donner Party was trapped until help was sent by...

Find Wealth

Main reason pioneers came to California.


The Mexican-American War "rebels" began their fight in this place.


The document which ends a war and is signed by governments or people who have been fighting.

Cahuenga Pass

Place where Mexico surrendered California to the United States.


State where most of the fighting of the Mexican-American war took place.


a group of people who live in the same area, have the same leader and speak the same language.

Gold Rush

Large flow of miners who traveled to California to find gold

Forty Niners

the forty-niners were gold seekers who came in seach of gold in the year 1849.

Dangers traveling on land to California

flooded rivers, lack of food and water, Indian attacks, the Sierra Madre mountains, disease

Newspaper articles

how the forty niners found out about gold in California.

Dangers traveling by sea to Californai

dangerous storms, disease, running out of food and water, no wind to sail the ship,

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