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Industrialization, Immigration, Urbanization

Higher percentage of urban population
How did American society change because of industrial growth?
Water power for machines
What geographic factors influenced the location of factories?
Greatest supply of labor and materials
Why did industry grow more in the Northeast than other regions?
Creation of the Assembly Line
How did Henry Ford make production faster and more efficient?
Less expensive method of production
How was Henry Ford able to make his cars more affordable?
Equal opportunities for jobs became available
How did industrialization influence the role of women?
Efficient means of transportation
How did railroads contribute to industrialization and the growth of businesses?
Immigration in the United States increased
A result of industrialization in the United States
Lenient immigration policies
What had a lot of opposition from Americans, but contributed to the massive growth of our cities between 1865-1900?
Growth of industrialization
What caused all of the following - creation of labor unions to protect workers, expansion of the middle class, increase in movement to the cities
Increased need for immigrant labor for an expanding job market
What is a direct result of industrialization in the US?
Push Factors
Negative characteristics that make a person want to leave their country (war, lack of resources)
Pull Factors
Positive characteristics that make a person want to move to a country (education, freedoms)
More efficient work process
Advantage of the assembly line
Moving to a more urban area; movement to cities, specifically between 1865-1900