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Bible lesson 28-31

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The Bible uses the _________ as an illustration of the Holy Spirit
the Holy Spirit does not use his power ___________ but changes people into children of God when they exercise faith in Christ
He cannot be seen as He works in human hearts but the effects of His work can be seen, like the _________
Jesus promised that when He left for heaven, He and the heavenly Father would send the Holy Spirit to dwell in each person who had believed in ___________
What did Jesus call the Holy spirit
The Comforter
Why did Jesus call Him this?
Because of the constant help he would be to believers
Although the holy spirit works directly in the hearts of people, he also works through the testimony of believers to convict others of their ___ ___ _________(3 words)
sin and rebellion
In addition to witnessing learning to ____ ___ ____ thorough his word is something the holy spirit will help you with (3 words)
love God more
The ____ _______ uses people and works in our minds to reveal God's truth to us. (2 words)
Holy Spirit
What was the first thing in the Spirits ministry to the world
He makes people conscious of their sins
What was the second thing in the Spirits ministry to the world
the Holy Spirit helps people understand God's standard of right which is the same thing they can attain only through Christ
What was the third thing in the Spirits ministry to the world
He confronts men and women with the reality of judgement
__________ __________ are those who are becoming more like Christ in their character, doing good works for others and bringing others to Christ as their savior
Productive Christians
The Lord helps productive Christians become even more productive by cleansing them through ___ ____(2 words)
His Word
show your love to God by __________ His commands
the importance of the vine
1. faithful Christians enjoy a close friendship with Christ

2. a faithful Christian has the right to ask God to help him

3. God loves all Christians BUT faithful believers have some special privileges
he is willing to hear and answer your _________ because good friends talk to eachother
the Lord is the one who started the friendship you have with him by saving you from your ______
if you are a close friend of Christ, his enemies will be ____________
your enemies
love your enemies by giving them the gospel according to __________________
the new testament
if you have trusted Christ as your savior, then he is your teacher and you are his student which is really what disciple means _____________
for the rest of your life
there are major _____________/____________ to being a disciple in God's school
barriers / obstacles
do not fear what people may think or do to you for being a _________
you should be more concerned about the opinion of the Lord Jesus Christ rather than _______________________________
the opinions of others
__________________________, you must LOVE his people and willingly identify with them.
if you LOVE Christ
________________ that you should not be ashamed of Christ or his words because disobeying Christ by not living by the standards of the bible is the same as denying Christ before others
the bible says
another area that is challenging for disciples is ___________
family relationships
sometimes a person comes to Christ but the members of his family remain ________________
__________________________________ must be particularly careful because it is never right to be rebellious / disrespectful to your parents even of they are mean / wrong in their demands
a teenager with an unsaved family
maybe you have a saved family
this could be a problem if a disciple loves his family so much that he will not want to do what Christ says to because his family says not to
a great desure is to be succesful on the worlds way
it is natural to want to have a plenty of money as well as respect influence
within limits, none of these things are sinful BUT out of balance they will _______________
ruin your life
Define Repentance.
A change of mind towards sin and the savior.
Repentance includes a change in that way you think about _________.
Any belief that falls short of giving Christ his true identity as God, will also fall short of ________ ______.
Eternal Life.
Repentance also includes a change of mind about ____.
P.1 What was the wrong question that the young ruler ask?
What he could to to have eternal life.
P.2 And why was the Question wrong?
Because people can do nothing that will earn them salvation.
Jesus mentioned ? of the ? ___________ as well as the statement that summarizes the second half of the law, which is what? ( 4 answers )
5 of the 10 commandments, you will love your neighbor as yourself.
What did Jesus ask the young man to do?
To go and sell all he had and give it to the poor.
What did the young man do?
Unwillingly to give up his riches and recognizing his own covetous heart, went away sorrowful.