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Voluntarily performing an act because others also do it.


Performing an act at another's request

Informational influence

Conforming because the behavior of others provides useful info.

Normative influence

Conforming to be liked or accepted by others

Six Bases of Social Power

Useful way to classify how people influence each other


Providing or promising a positive outcome


Providing or threatening a neg. outcome


Having special knowledge or ability


The persuasive content of the message


Identifying with or wanting to be like another person or group


The influencer's right to make a request

Foot-in-the-door technique

First persuade the person to comply with a small request, then make a larger request

Door-in-the-face technique

First ask for a large request, then make a smaller request

That's-not-all technique

Make a deal and then improve the offer

Low-ball technique

Obtain agreement w/ a modest request, then reveal hidden costs to the requests

Pique technique

Making an unusual request to disrupt the target's refusal script

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