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Closed primary

A primary election in which a party's registered votes are eligible to vote

Closed modified primary

A primary election in which a party may allow members of another political affiliation to participate in their election.

Electoral College

Representatives from each state who cast the final ballots that actually elect a president


The tendency of states to choose an early date on the calendar.

General election

Election in which voters decide which candidates will actually fill elective public offices.


The legislative process through which the majority part in each statehouse tries to assure the maximum numbers of representatives from its political party can be elected to congress through the redrawing of legislative districts.


he holding of an office.


a process that allows citizens to propose legislation and submit it to the state electorate for popular vote.

Midterm election

election that takes place in the middle of a presidential term


the reallocation of the number of seats in the house of representatives after each decennial census.


A process in which voters can petition for a vote to remove office holders between elections.


the redrawing of congressional districts to reflect population changes or for political advantage


delegates slot the Democratic Party's national convention that is reserved for an elected party official.

Political Action CommitteePAC)

federally mandated, officially registered fund raising committee that represents the interest groups in the political process.

Nomination campaign

the part of a political campaign aimed at winning a primary election.

Matching funds

donations to the presidential campaign from the federal government that are determined by the amount of private funds a qualifying candidate raises.

General election campaign

the part of a political campaign aimed at winning the general election.

Get out the voteGOTV)

a push at the end of a political campaign to encourage supporters to go out to the polls.

527 Political Committee

non profit an unregulated interest groups that focus on specific causes or policy positions and attempt to influence voters.

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