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A list of vocab for "French in Action" lesson 27


to ring

par hasard

by chance

se tromper de

to be wrong about

le hasard




l'Armee du Salut

Salvation Army

des pompiers


de rien


je vous en prie

I beg of you

a l'appareil

on the phone

il n'y a pas de quoi

you're welcome (no big deal)

tenir a

to count on/depend on

si tu y tiens

if you insist

la vie serait facile

life would be east

par la route

by car or by highway

en auto/voiture

by car

en autocar

by bus

a pied

by foot

a bicyclette

by bike

a moto

by motorcycle

en bateau

by boat

avoir peur de

to fear

tomber en panne

to break down (on the road)

en casque


c'est obligataire

it is necessary

de mieux

it's the best there is

la gare

the train station

cote banlieue

suburban trains


long distance trains

ne .... que


le metro


une station de metro

subway station

un ticket

a ticket (subway, bus)

un billet

a ticket (train, plane, money bill)

c'est direct

it's direct

il y a un changment

there is a change

un reseau

a network

un guichet

ticket booth


a two way ticket

aller (aller simple)

one way ticket

seconde classe

second class

premier classe

first class

composter votre billet

stamp/punch your ticket

se perdre dans ses pensees

to get lost in thought


to dream

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