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mgmt chapter 3

management sixth edition daft
Organizational Enviroment
all elements exisiting outside the organization's boundaries that have the potential to affect the organization
general enviroment
the outer layer that is widely dispersed and affects organizations indirectly.
task environment
the layer of the external enviorment that directly influences the organizations operationss and performance
internal enviroment
the enviroment within the organization's boundaries
international dimension
portion of the external environment that represents events originating in foreign countries as well as opportunities for american companies in other countries
technology dimension
the dimension of the general envionment that includes scientific and technological advancements in the industry and society at large
Socicultural dimension
the dimension of the general environment representing the demographic charactersitics, norms, customs, and values of the population within which the organization operates
economic dimension
the dimension of the general enviroment representing the overall economic health of the county or region in which the organization function
legal politcial dimension
the dimension of the general enviroment that includes federal, state, and local government regulations and political activites designed to influence company behavior
pressure group
an interest group that works within the legal political frameworkto influence companies to behave in socially responsible rays
people and organizations in the enviroment who acquires goods or services from the organization
other organziations in the same indusry or type of business that provide goods or services to the same set of customers
people and organizations who provide the raw materials the organization uses to produce its output
labor market
the people available for hire by the organization
boundary spanning role
roles assumed by people and or departments that link and coordinate the organization with key elements in the external enviroment
the combining of two or more organizations into one
joint venture
a strategic alliance or program by two or more organizations
the set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms that members of an organization share
an object, act or event that conveys meanings to others
a narrative based on true events that is repeated frequently and shared by organizational employees
a figure who exemplifies the deeds characters and attributes of a strong corporate culture
a phrase or sentence that succinctly expresses a key corporate vaue
a planned activity that makes up a special event and is conducted for the benefit of audience