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The order of the layers of the atmosphere from lowest to highest is:

troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere

About 97% of all ozone in the atmosphere is found in the:


Which of the following processes acts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?


The most abundant greenhouse gas in the earth's atmosphere is:

water vapor

The most abundant gases in the earth's atmosphere by volume are:

*Not- carbon and nitrogen
*Not- oxygen and water vapor

The horizontal movement of air is the weather element:


In a volume of air near the earth's surface, ___ occupies 78 percent and ___ nearly 21 percent.

*Not- nitrogen, water vapor
*Not- oxygen, hydrogen

Meteorology did not become a genuine science until:

the invention of weather instruments

Which below is not considered a greenhouse gas?


This holds a planet's atmosphere close to its surface:


Which of the following is considered a variable gas in the earth's atmosphere?

water vapor

Typically, water vapor occupies about what percentage of the air's volume near the earth's surface?

*Not- about 21%
*Not- about 78%
*Not- close to 10%

The number or mass of air molecules in a given space or volume is called:


In the stratosphere, the air temperature normally:

increases with increasing height

The only substance near the earth's surface that is found naturally in the atmosphere as a solid, liquid and a gas is:


Warming in the statosphere is mainly caused by:

absorption of ultraviolet radiation by ozone

The earth's atmosphere is divided into layers based on the vertical profile of:

air temperature

The rate at which temperature decreases with increasing altitude is known as the:

lapse rate

Which relates to weather rather than climate?

It is cloudy and snowing outside.

Hypoxia is a condition caused by:

lack of oxygen to the brain

Almost all of the earth's weather occurs in the:


In a temperature inversion:

an atmospheric layer where temp decreases with height.

The wind direction is

the direction from which the wind is blowing

The amount of force exerted on a surface is:


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