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  1. Annapolis Convention
  2. Nathaniel Hawthorne
  3. Louisiana Purchase (Political Effect)
  4. Anthracite Coal Strike
  5. James Fennimore Cooper
  1. a Thomas Jefferson contradicted his belief in a strict interpretation and increased the President's treaty making power.
  2. b Originally planning to discuss the promotion of interstate commerce, delegates from five states met at Annapolis in September 1786 and ended up suggesting a convention to amend the Articles of Confederation
  3. c Large strike by coal miners led by Miner's Union president George F. Baer
  4. d (1804-1864). Grew up with heavy memory of Puritans. Wrote "the Scarlet Letter."
  5. e First American before 1830 to use National Heritage as a theme in his adventure novels.

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  1. A leading newspaperman of his times, he ran The New York Journal and helped create and propagate "yellow (sensationalist) journalism."
  2. Revised tariff that further drops tariffs and halts the nullification crisis
  3. the division of the federal government that includes the president and the administrative departments
  4. Plundering pirates off the Mediterranean coast of Africa; President Thomas Jefferson's refusal to pay them tribute to protect American ships sparked an undeclared naval war with North African nations
  5. Issued by Jackson - attempt to stop states from speculating land with money they printed that was not backed by anything - required land speculation in speci; Provided that in payment for public lands, the government would accept only gold or silver

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  1. Alfred (Thayer) MahanEducation activist who worked towards better funding, longer school years, and higher pay for teachers


  2. Kansas-Nebraska Act1863 - Established system of national charters for banks


  3. National debt, state debt, foreign debtEstablished the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) - monitors the business operation of carriers transporting goods and people between states - created to regulate railroad prices


  4. "The Federalist, # 10"They opposed the ratification of the Constitution because it gave more power to the federal government and less to the states, and because it did not ensure individual rights. Many wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation. The Antifederalists were instrumental in obtaining passage of the Bill of Rights as a prerequisite to ratification of the Constitution in several states. After the ratification of the Constitution, the Antifederalists regrouped as the Democratic-Republican (or simply Republican) party.


  5. Brown v. Board of EducationReconstruction strategy that was based on severely punishing South for causing war