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  1. US
  2. Franklin Roosevelt
  3. Sussex/Arabic Pledges
  4. Treaty of Versailles
  5. steerage
  1. a ended WWI
  2. b A large open area beneath a ship's deck, often used to house traveling immigrants
  3. c Roosevelt
  4. d Germany pledged to stop submarine warfare after sinking of Lusitania
  5. e President during the Depression and WWII

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  1. Author of The Jungle
  2. Theo Roosevelt's system in which the government would cordinate economic activity - government would regulate business
  3. A government agency established in 1914 to prevent unfair business practices and help maintain a competitive economy
  4. principle that every member of a society, including the ruler or government, must follow the law
  5. The Articles of Confederation delegated most of the powers (the power to tax, to regulate trade, and to draft troops) to the individual states, but left the federal government power over war, foreign policy, and issuing money. The Articles weakness was that they gave the federal government so little power that it couldn't keep the country united. The Articles only major success was that they settled western land claims with the Northwest Ordinance. The Articles were abandoned for the Constitution.

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  1. D├ętenterelaxation of tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union


  2. Bill Of RightsAlthough the Anti-Federalists failed to block the ratification of the Constitution, they did ensure that the Bill of Rights would be created to protect individuals from government interference and possible tyranny. The Bill of Rights, drafted by a group led by James Madison, consisted of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, which guaranteed the civil rights of American citizens.


  3. William GarrisonAbolitionist and editor of The Liborator


  4. Excise taxesTaxes placed on manufactured products. The excise tax on whiskey helped raise revenue for Hamiltons program.


  5. Transcendentalisma loose union of independent states; name of government used by the southern states that seceded during the Civil War