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  1. effectiveness
  2. foreign goods
  3. service firms
  4. empowerment
  5. productivity
  1. a businesses that provide assistance to satisfy specialized needs through skilled workers
  2. b products make by firms in countries outside the United States
  3. c producing the largest quantity in the least time by using efficient methods and modern equipment
  4. d lets workers decide how to perform their work tasks and offer ideas on how to improve the work process
  5. e when an organization makes the right decisions in deciding what products or services to offer customers or other users

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  1. a legal agreement between a company and a distributor to sell a product or service under special conditions
  2. the distributor of a franchised product or service
  3. when up-to-date equipment and assembly line mehtods are used to produce large quantities of identical goods
  4. countries that are underdeveloped, have few manufacturing firms, and have large numbers of poor people who possess few goods
  5. involves making a product or providing a service

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  1. outputthe quantity, or amount, produced within a given time


  2. domestic goodsproducts make by firms in countries outside the United States


  3. global competitioninvolves making a product or providing a service


  4. manufacturing firmsbusinesses that produce goods


  5. ESOPpermits employees to directly own the company in which they work by allowing them to buy shares in it