Veterinary Science CDE 2014 Test

What is the common name for the third phalanx of a horse?
a. cannon bone
b. pastern
c. coffin bone
d. frog
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Which term means "urinating more frequently"? a. pyuria b. proteinuria c. polyuria d. pollakiuriad. pollakiuriaWhat is the muscular stomach of a chickens gastrointestinal tract called, also known as the gizzard. a. Ventriculus b. Cloaca c. Crop d. Furculaa. Ventriculuscats need increased quantities of amino acids compared to dogs. Which of the following is not needed at an increased quantity? a. Taurine b. Arginine c. Methionine d. lysined. lysineWhat percentage of water loss is considered very serious but generally not life threatening? a. 5% of body's water b. 10% of body's water c. 15% of body's water d. 20% of body's waterb. 10% of body's waterWhich vitamin is not considered an antioxidant? a. Vitamin K b. Vitamin E c. Vitamin C d. Vitamin Aa. Vitamin KWhat hormone does the corpus luteum provide? a. Estrogen b. Progesterone c. Luteinizing hormone d. Follicle stimulating hormoneb. ProgesteroneWhat hormone stimulates milk let down? a. Estrogen b. Lactose c. Oxytocin d. Progesteronec. OxytocinWhat is the medical term for the failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum? a. Orchitis b. Cryptorchidiam c. Scrotal hydrocele d. Epididymitisb. CryptorchidiamWhat does pyometra mean? a. Infection with pus in the uterus b. abnormally formed uterus c. increased temperature in the uterus d. fluid in the uterusa. Infection with pus in the uterusWhat is the average length of gestation in swine? a. 3 months, 3 weeks, 12 hours b. 3 months, 3 days, 3 hours c. 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days d. 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 daysd. 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 daysIf a heterozygous polled cow (Pp) is bred with a heterozygous pulled bull (Pp), what fraction represents the offspring that will have horns? a. 1/4 b. 1/2 c. 3/4 d. 0/4a. 1/4Which term specifically describes a genetic defect present at birth? a. Aberration b. congenital c. anomaly d. inheritedb. congenitalWhich anatomical site does not contain cartilage joint? a. Growth plate of long bone b. structure in the skull c. between the halves of the lower jaw d. between two vertebreab. structure in the skullWhich term means "abdominal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen"? a. Ascites b. atresia c. achalasia d. ascariasisa. AscitesPolioencephalomalacia occurs because of what deficiency? a. Cobolamine b. Thiamine c. Selenium d. Calciumb. ThiamineIf a client became angry and argumentative during an office visit who should you the veterinary assistant, find to handle the situation? a. Veterinarian b. Receptionist c. technician d. office managera. VeterinarianWhich is not a vector borne disease? a. Blackleg b. Heartworm Disease c. Lyme Disease d. Pinkeyea. BlacklegWhy are cuttle bones an important feature in a birds environment? a. Provides magnesium to young birds b. promotes good beak health c. promotes interaction with other birds d. provides calcium to egg-laying femalesd. provides calcium to egg-laying femalesWhat would you use to measure intraocular pressure? a. Goniometry b. Slit lamp examination c. tonometry d.Cycloplegicsc. tonometryWhich term describes mass prophylactic use of antibiotics in live stock during times where there is a high risk of illness? a. Metaphylaxis b. Anaphylaxis c. Quarantine d. Paraphylaxisa. MetaphylaxisWhat is the only class of immunoglobulins that can cross the placenta? a. IgA b. IgE c. IgG d. IgMc. IgGA cataract is a cloudiness of what part of the eye? a. Lens b. Retina c. Choroid d. Corneaa. LensWhat organ stimulates the pituitary gland to act? a. Hypothalamus b. Neurohypophysis c. Hypophysis d. Hyperthalamusa. HypothalamusWhen a twisted stomach occurs, which of the cows four stomach compartments becomes displaced? a. Rumen b. Omasum c. Reticulum d. Abomasumd. AbomasumWhich toxin does not cause anemia in pets? a. Chocolate b. Onions c. Zinc d. Leada. ChocolateWhat are the technical names in the correct order for the hooks and pins of a cow? a. Ischium and ilium b. Ilium and ischium c. Acetabulum and ilium d. Ilium and acetabulumb. Ilium and ischiumAn infestation of which parasite may lead to "wry neck" in rabbits? a. Fur mites b. ear mites c. ringworm d. pinwormb. ear mitesWhich neoplasm is benign? a. Adenocarcinoma b. Squamous Cell Carcinoma c. Hemangioma d.Osteosarcomac. HemangiomaWhich term is not based on science? a. Animal Husbandry b. Animal Welfare c. Animal Nutrition d. Animal Rightsd. Animal RightsWhich disease is caused by retrovirus? a. Feline panleukopenia b. Feline rhinotracheitis c. Feline infectious peritonitis d. Feline leukemiad. Feline leukemiaWhich task does not help prevent ammonia from reaching harmful levels in an aquarium? a. Changing the filter regularly b. avoiding overpopulation c. avoiding changing the water d. feeding only what the fish will eat dailyc. avoiding changing the waterWhich of the following would not cause brown or orange stains on surgical instruments? a. Ammonia b. Chlorohexadine c. Saline d. Laundry soapa. AmmoniaWhich is not a physiological response to pain? a. Elevated blood sugar b. dilated pupils c. shallow breathing d. muscle rigidityd. muscle rigidityWhich best describes a scenario where it may be best not to bandage a wound on the lower leg of a horse? a. tall grassy pasture b. long tail on horse c. fly season d. humid weatherd. humid weatherWhich bacterium is the causative agent for foot rot? a. Actinobacillus lignieresi b. Mannheimia hemolytica c. Mycobacterium paratuberculosis d. Fusobacterium necrophorumd. Fusobacterium necrophorumWhat are the five stages of density on a radiograph in order from most radiopaque to most radiolucent? a. Air, fat, muscle, organs, and bone b. Air, fat, soft tissue, bone, and mineral c. Mineral, bone, soft tissue, fat, and air d. Bone, organs, muscles, fat, and airc. Mineral, bone, soft tissue, fat, and airWhich disease is zoonotic and transmitted via direct contact of contaminated water and soil? a. Leptospirosis b. Q fever c. Canine parvo d. plaguea. LeptospirosisEven if not sterilized right away surgical instruments should be washed within what time to avoid corrosion and staining? a. 10 b. 20 c. 30 d. 40b. 20Which is a disadvantage of using a killed vaccine compared to a modified live vaccine? a. has to be reconstituted b. shorter duration of protection c. easily inactivated with sunlight d. not safe in pregnant animalsb. shorter duration of protectionIn patients with congestive heat failure, which of the following should be restricted in the diet? a. Phosphorus b. Fat Soluble Vitamins c. Protein d. Sodiumd. sodium