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12 Angry Men Characters


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Foreman (first juror)
occupation: assistant football coach
characteristics: unorganized, a poor leader
2nd juror
young, nervous, never been on a jury before
3rd juror
occupation:runs a messenger service
characteristics: talks alot, has a temper, is biased against the accused boy, has a 20-year-old son who he doesn't talk to anymore
4th juror
characteristics: serious, prejudiced, very logical and fact-driven, seems to be a leader for the men who vote "guilty."
5th juror
occupation: nurse at harlem hospital
characteristics: milwalkee fan, lived in a slum as a child, knows how a switchblade knife works
6th juror
occupation: house painter
characteristics: very quiet, has a hard time making up his mind and is easily influenced by others.
7th juror
occupation: sells marmalade
characteristics: likes baseball, just wants to get to the game, prejudiced against immigrants, tends to bully others
8th juror
occupation: architect
characteristics: very reasonable, votes "not guilty", wants to discuss the evidence because he has doubts about some pieces of evidence that were produced
9th juror
An old man
characteristics: respects the 8th juror for standing alone against 11 other men, the first to change his vote to "not guilty" after listening to the 8th juror
10th juror
characteristics: prejudiced, intolerant, mean, refuses to listen to reason, disliked by the other jurors
11th juror
occupation: watchmaker
characteristics: German, very respectful of American citizenship
12th juror
occupation: advertising
characteristics: distracted, doodles a lot, unable to make up hs mind, changes his vote more often than the others