DP Biology Vocabulary - D.2 Digestion

Nervous system
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Microvilliextensions found on the cell surface membrane of villiParietal cellsthe cells of the stomach which secrete acidChief cellsthe cells of the stomach which secrete pepsinogenPepsinogenthe inactive form of pepsin - this prevents the cells that produce it from being digested at the same time as protein in the dietPepsina protease which is found in the stomach - it is secreted in an inactive formHelicobacter pyloria bacterium which is a significant cause of stomach ulcers, and seems to be associated with stomach cancerProton pump inhibitorsdrugs which bind irreversibly to proton pumps, thereby reducing the acidic environment of the stomachEgestionthe fate of food material which cannot be digested and absorbedFibreedible parts of plants that are resistant to being digested and are not absorbedConstipationa condition in which the movement of fecal matter is painful or difficult to pass out of the digestive systemCholeraa disease caused by a bacterium where severe dehydration can result in death