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This method organizes items into familiar units so that they can be remembered more easily.


Is the memory process that translates information into a form in which it can be stored.


Memories are examples of episodic memories that are recalled in great detail.


The memory process by which we maintain encoded information over a long period of time is called.


Memory is a type of sensory register that holds visual memories.


Memories are recalled better when the mood in which they were originally encoded is recreated.


Is the memory process that allows people to locate stored information and return it to conscious thought.


Is the process by which we recall experiences, information, and skills.


Working memory is another name for this.


The first item in a series is more easily remembered because of this effect.


Memory consists of general knowledge.


Is the process in which information in short-term memory is lost when new information appears.


Disturbing memories may be pushed out of the conscious mind in the process of.


Amnesia is the loss of memories of the events that occurred before the age of three.


Information stored as this code is stored according to its meaning.

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