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Kinetic Energy
The energy of motion.
The ability to do work or create change
Potential Energy
Stored energy
Gravitational Potential Energy
Energy due to position. Objects with this energy have the potential to fall. The amount of energy depends on the height of the object.
Elastic Potential Energy
Stored energy in an object due to its shape being changed.
Chemical Energy
Energy stored in chemical bonds found in molecules of chemicals
Nuclear Energy
Energy stored in the nucleus of an atom (nucleus of an atom is where the protons and neutrons are located)
Electromagnetic energy (radiant)
Energy associated with light and the electromagnetic spectrum. The particle of energy is called a photon.
Electrical energy
The energy of electrical charges.
The transfer of energy.
Thermal Energy
The total kinetic and potential energy of particles in an object. The higher the temperature the higher the thermal energy.
Mechanical Energy
Energy that results from an objects motion (KE), postion or shape (PE).
The SI unit for Energy and Work
The 5 energies involving particles
nuclear, chemical electrical electromagnetic, and thermal
Electromagnetic energy from the sun comes from this type of energy
Nuclear Energy
4.184 joules
1 calorie
1 food Calorie
1000 calories

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