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The act of one organism feeding on another.

Tropic Level

A graphic organizer based on the organism's source of energy.


A relationship in which one organism feeds on and usually harms a second organism.


A symbiotic relationship in which one species benefits and a second is neither harmed nor helped.


The many different species that live in a habitat.


The functional role of particular species in an ecosystem.


Organisms that obtain their energy from organic wastes and dead bodies produced at all tropic levels.


Two or more species that live in a close, long term relationship.


A somewhat regular progression of species replacement.


A symbiotic relationship in which both participating species benefit.


All the different types of species in an ecosystem.


The location where a particular population of a species lives.


Consists of a community and all the physical aspects of habitat such as soil, water, and weather.


The study of the interactions of living organisms with one another and their physical environment.

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