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  1. metonomy
  2. exposition
  3. stealth
  4. dionysus
  5. adversary
  1. a avoiding detection by moving carefully
  2. b god of sex wine and intoxicationsaved by zeus from his mother who was killed by hera and who had an affair with zeus
  3. c like a metaphor; compares two unlike objects where something stands for something else
  4. d someone who offers opposition
  5. e beginning of plot diagram

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  1. intense and passionate feeling
  2. elaborate comparison of unlike subjects
  3. extremely impressive in strength or excellence
  4. reader's feeling of curiosity, uncertainty, even anxiety over the out come of a story
  5. box, bad things, hope

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  1. tumultdaughter of dyonessus, had three son with zeus while he was in for of a cow


  2. cupid and psychecupid falls in love with phyche. she is blown by winds to live in castle, only interacts with him at night, she hide light to see his face, she looses him b/c of that


  3. abominablyextremely impressive in strength or excellence


  4. sagea mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom


  5. aeolusreinged over Mt. Olympus and all other gods