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  1. denouement
  2. paradox
  3. pyramos and thisbe
  4. perseus
  5. orpheus and eurydice
  1. a o marries e. e is killed by a snake, o goes to get her, he looks behind him, she goes back, he is killed by the women of thrace an his head is said to be still singing on the island of dlebose
  2. b end of story; last on plot diagram
  3. c lived a wall apart, met at oak tree pyramos thought thisbe was killed, so he killed himself, she found him and did the same thing; why mullberries are red
  4. d kille medusa, and killed the man who kept his mom captive, killed moster, and ditched andromeda
  5. e a statement that seems contradictory but that actually may be true

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  1. goat horns on head with human face and body; god of shperds, flocks
  2. use of hints and clues to suggest what will happen at the end of the story
  3. box, bad things, hope
  4. godess of wisdom, war, crafts, cities, justice; born from zeus's head
  5. violent agitation

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  1. stealthavoiding detection by moving carefully


  2. homeric/epic similesome one larger than life


  3. suspensereader's feeling of curiosity, uncertainty, even anxiety over the out come of a story


  4. ravage(usually plural) a destructive action


  5. europagodess of marrige and child birth; zeus's wife