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  1. Epic
  2. denouement
  3. rancor
  4. sage
  5. rising action
  1. a long narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heros
  2. b a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom
  3. c build to climax; second on plot diagram
  4. d end of story; last on plot diagram
  5. e a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

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  1. (usually plural) a destructive action
  2. god of under world, helm of darkness; persephone
  3. reader's feeling of curiosity, uncertainty, even anxiety over the out come of a story
  4. o marries e. e is killed by a snake, o goes to get her, he looks behind him, she goes back, he is killed by the women of thrace an his head is said to be still singing on the island of dlebose
  5. extremely impressive in strength or excellence

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  1. ironywhen the expected outcome differs form the actual outcome


  2. motifdominant idea in a story, part of the main theme


  3. Climaxhigh point of action; top of plot diagram


  4. athenagodess of wisdom, war, crafts, cities, justice; born from zeus's head


  5. hephestusgod of fire;disabled, grew up in cave, crafty