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  1. cupid and psyche
  2. hestia
  3. paradox
  4. Gothic literature
  5. verbal irony
  1. a godess of hearth, fire, fire in the home, personal security, happiness;
  2. b is humanities fascination with the grotesque, unknown, frighting, inexplicable aspects of the universe
  3. c words are used to suggest the opposite of what is meant
  4. d a statement that seems contradictory but that actually may be true
  5. e cupid falls in love with phyche. she is blown by winds to live in castle, only interacts with him at night, she hide light to see his face, she looses him b/c of that

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  1. intense and passionate feeling
  2. an event occurs that directly contradicts the expectations of the characters, the reader,or the audience
  3. after he was born he snuck out and stoll apolo's cattle. apollo was mad, but they traded for a turtlegod of messnegers, tricksters, theves;
  4. god of healing, disease, mosaic, poetry, archery, protection of youth; baby from keronis raised to look after centars
  5. daughter of zeus and leto, 1 of 12 Olympian gods; god of wild animals, hunt, and moon

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  1. homeric/epic simileelaborate comparison of unlike subjects


  2. profusionthe property of being extremely abundant


  3. zeusreinged over Mt. Olympus and all other gods


  4. epic herolong narrative poem about the deeds of gods or heros


  5. demeterdominant idea in a story, part of the main theme