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  1. hyperbolical
  2. ostentatious
  3. mendaciously
  4. execrable
  5. inebriated
  1. a (adj)- exaggerated
  2. b (adj)- drunken
  3. c (adj)- very bad; detestable
  4. d (adv)- in a lying or deceitful manner; in an untruthful manner
  5. e (adj) intended to attract notice and impress others

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  1. (adj)- involving ignoble actions and motives
  2. (v)- to instruct
  3. (adj)- without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities
  4. (n)- a state of being light; laughter; lightness
  5. (adj)-behaving/looking as or though one thinks they're better than others

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  1. proprietary(adj)- pertaining to property or ownership


  2. abortive(adj)-failing to produce an intended result


  3. veracity(n)- a state of being light; laughter; lightness


  4. hedonism(v)- to instruct


  5. antipathy(n)- a deep seated feeling of dislike