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New England Patriots


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How many times have the Patriots won the super bowl?
5 Super Bowls
Who is the only player on the Patriots who has won all of their Super Bowls
Tom Brady
Tom Brady
quarterback for the New England patriots #12 Arguably the best QB of all time
Bill Belichick
Coach of the New England Patriots. Has won 5 super bowl rings coaching them. Arguably the best coach of all time
Julian Edelman
WR #11 on Patriots. Right now he is probable the best WR on their team.
LeGarrette Blount
Patriots RB #29 Broke Patriot record with most single season rushing touchdowns, 18
Rob Gronkowski
TE, Patriots #87. One of the best TE who plays. Probable only Aaron Hernandez was even close to being as good on the Patriots. Very fun
Malcolm Butler
#21 cornerback. Had game-winning super bowl 49 pick
#2 WR Fast receiver good at screens
Mr. You know who
#96 FB is very strong and has 2 super bowl rings
Danny Amendola
# 80 WR on patriots. Is fast and good at catching low balls
Chris Hogan
#10 WR used to play lacrosse and is very good at getting open.
New England Patriots
Play at Gillette Stadium. Now have five Super Bowls. They have been in the Super Bowl 9 altogether
Stephen Gostkowski
#3 Kicker
Patriots Division
AFC East ( Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets
Adam Vinatieri
Used to play kicker on patriots #4 Had 2 game-winning Super Bowls for Patriots
Randy Moss
Used to play WR on Patriots #81. Was one of the best WR who ever played on their team
Deion Branch
#84 WR won 2 Super Bowls with us. The patriots had a lot of good receivers!
Vince Wilfork
Used to play on patriots as a Nose tackle/DT #75 won 2 Super Bowls with us
Rodney Harrison
Used to play safety #37. Won 2 Super Bowls with the pats and had a game sealing interception against the rams in the super bowl
Tedy Bruschi
Used to play #54 as a linebacker. He won 3 Super Bowls with us. One of the best linebackers we ever had.
Drew Bledsoe
Used to play #11 QB for the Pats. He was probably the 2nd best quarterback in Pats history. His stats were very good.