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  1. Gender roles:

    a) are a constant cultural norm
    b) are unimportant to marketers
    c) require firms to produce gender neutral advertising for 100 percent of their products
    d) have been blurred in the past several years
    e) are important, and gender boundaries should never be crossed
  2. A group of people or organizations for which an organization designs, implements, and maintains a marketing mix intended to meet the needs of that group, resulting in mutually satisfying exchanges is that firm's _________________
  3. The idea of value-based marketing requires firms to charge a price that

    a) covers costs and generates a modest profit.
    b) prioritizes customer excellence above operational excellence.
    c) includes the value of the effort the firm put into the product or service.
    d) captures the value customers perceive that they are receiving.
    e) matches competitors' prices.
  4. ________ is the shared meanings, belief, morals, values, and customs of a group of people.
  5. In a SWOT analysis, increasing gasoline prices would represent a potential __________ for manufacturers of electric cars.

    a) Threat
    b) Locational advantage
    c) Opportunity
    d) Weakness
    e) Operational advantage
  1. a d) captures the value customers perceive that they are receiving.
  2. b d) have been blurred in the past several years

    Gender roles have been becoming less fixed and more blurred for the last several years, with men and women no longer playing traditional roles. While gender neutral promotion is used far more often today, there are still some products that are marketed primarily to a specific gender
  3. c target market
  4. d c) Opportunity

    Higher gas prices should make consumers more likely to consider buying electric cars, so this is a positive factor. It is external to the firm since it is beyond the firm's control. An external positive factor is an opportunity
  5. e Culture

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  1. Federal Food and Drug
  2. cultural
  3. a) Promotion

    Ads displayed in search engines are examples of promotion
  4. c) A decision heuristic

    Price is a decision heuristic--a shortcut to simplify and shorten the decision process. The saying "You get what you pay for" is related to this heuristic.
  5. e) none of the above

    By emphasizing the low price and high quality, the university president is focusing on value (which is not listed in the choices)

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  1. In ______________-Based Pricing, an organization considers competitors' prices and chooses a price below, equal to, or above the competition depending on factors such as product costs.Competition


  2. Jubyung is buying a laptop computer to take on trips. Although he looks at several brands, he refuses to buy a computer that weighs more than five pounds. Jubyung is basing his decision on

    a) Social factors
    b) Temporal factors
    c) A decision heuristic
    d) A compensatory decision rule
    e) A noncompensatory decision rule
    e) A noncompensatory decision rule

    This is a noncompensatory decision rule because no trade-off is possible. No matter how inexpensive or powerful a computer may be, if it weighs more than five pounds, Jubyung will not buy it.


  3. Which of the following would be classified as a 'weakness' of McDonald's, using a SWOT analysis.

    a) Global retail store network
    b) Customers nonacceptance of McCafe
    c) Future sourcing sustainability
    d) Price elastic target market
    c) Expansion in China

    Expansion overseas is considered an 'opportunity'


  4. Marketers selling to the ___________ generational cohort need to recognize that these consumers are not too interested in shopping, are cynical, and are less likely to believe advertising claims than the generation(s) before themconsumers

    Perceptual maps measure perceptions of consumers, not of competitors or members of the firm


  5. When Starbucks first opened, many critics suggested, "No one will pay $4.00 for a cup of coffee." Starbucks' critics suggested consumers would not be __________ to the company's offeringsresponsive

    A segment is responsive if its members react similarly and positively to the marketing mix. Early critics did not believe that consumers would respond positively to the offer of a $4 cup of coffee