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  1. Generational cohorts are groups of people of the same generation who have similar purchase behavior because they have:

    a) similar income levels
    b) the same number of children
    c) shared country culture and ethnic backgrounds
    d) shared experiences, and are in the same stage of life
    e) similar income levels and levels of educational attainment
    f) all of the above
  2. Marketers who design and offer new products and services to their existing customers are pursuing a ____________ growth strategy.

    a) product development
    b) diversification
    c) market development
    d) market penetration
    e) product proliferation
  3. Google and other search engines allow marketers to bid to have their ads shown when consumer search on keywords related to the firm's products. These marketers are attempting to create value through

    a) Promotion
    b) Place
    c) Price
    d) Primary
    e) Product
    f) All of the above
  4. Which of the following would not be considered a 'strength' for Starbucks, using a SWOT analysis.

    a) Strong brand identity
    b) Retail and grocery store network
    c) Expansion in China
    d) None of the above
  5. The __________ Act created the FDA
  1. a a) product development
  2. b a) Promotion

    Ads displayed in search engines are examples of promotion
  3. c Federal Food and Drug
  4. d d) shared experiences, and are in the same stage of life
  5. e c) Expansion in China

    Expansion overseas is considered an 'opportunity'

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  1. substantial
  2. b) Resource allocation

    Monique has chosen a target market, determined positioning strategies, and developed marketing mixes. She mow has to consider available resources and determines how they will be allocated across the different options available for implementation
  3. cultural
  4. responsive

    For a segmentation strategy to be successful, the customers in the segment must react similarly and positively to the firm's offering. This is referred to as a responsive segment.
  5. c) A decision heuristic

    Product presentation is a decision heuristic--a shortcut to simplify and shorten the decision process.

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  1. Stuart wanted to impress Janet with the perfect engagement ring. He had been saving money for months, and he noticed his attitudes and perceptions about diamond rings changing as he began paying attention to ads for rings. Marketers call this process

    a) Self-actualization
    b) A decision heuristic
    c) Learning
    c) Learning


  2. Which of the following are influenced by the external environment with respect to SWOT analysis. (May choose up to three answers)

    a) Strong regional brand identity
    b) Loyalty program
    c) Retail store growth in America
    d) Intense competition in the specialty and overall coffee market
    c) Retail store growth in America
    d) Intense competition in the specialty and overall coffee market


  3. Marco was assigned to help create a positioning strategy for his employer's products based on product attributes. He should consider:

    a) the characteristics that helped his firm win a statewide award for excellence in manufacturing
    b) the features the engineers feel are most important
    c) what the target market would consider the most important features
    d) the safety record of the firm and its products
    e) the ways the sales representatives have been positioning the firm's products
    c) ease of accessing or developing distribution channels and brand familiarity

    Evaluation of profitability considers market growth, market competitiveness, and market access, along with ensuring that the profit margin will be sufficient to cover costs. Market access includes ease of developing or accessing distribution channels, and brand familiarity


  4. Vacation, restaurant, and entertainment choices require marketers to consider which of the
    following social factors?

    a) Purchase anxiety
    b) Learning
    c) Lifestyle adaptation
    d) Family influences
    e) All of the above
    d) Family influences


  5. From a marketing perspective, what separates __________ from the generation before them is
    that they are individualistic, value leisure time as a high priority, and are trying to maintain their youth.
    Baby Boomers


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