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  1. With access to the Internet nearly universal in the United States, many potential market segments have become more:

    a) identifiable
    b) substantial
    c) perceptive
    d) reachable
    e) quantifiable
  2. Introducing newly developed products or services to a market segment the company is not currently serving is called
  3. The __________ component of customers' attitude is represented by belief. For example, Apple computer users may feel that Apple is better at innovation than its competitors.
  4. Many Hollywood movie stars were among the first to buy electric and hybrid vehicles. These stars often became __________, influencing other consumers' behavior.
  5. Though Asian Americans comprise only 3 percent of the U.S. population, they represent:

    a) A large proportion of the minorities in the Midwest
    b) The easiest minority group to access
    c) The fastest growing minority population
    d) A uniform group of consumers with a common language
    e) All of the above
  1. a diversification
  2. b cognitive
  3. c c) The fastest growing minority population
  4. d Reference groups

    Celebrities can serve as a reference group, since some consumers like to identify with celebrities and to follow their lead
  5. e d) reachable

    A segment is reachable if it can be reached for marketing communication and product distribution. Internet access has opened up many new ways to reach consumers

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  1. a) predatory loans

    The loans provided by predatory lenders, which target vulnerable consumers, are referred to as predatory loans
  2. d) Situational

    This is an example of a situational factor, taking advantage of a weather condition that creates specific needs
  3. e) None of the above

    The four growth strategies are market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification
  4. e) All of the above

    All of the listed choices were examples of demographic factors
  5. b) perceptions

    The cultural differences between Americans and Indonesians have led to different perceptions of the meaning of the swastika symbol

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  1. What is value-based pricing?Setting price based on buyers' perceptions of value rather than on the seller's cost


  2. Insight Guides, a line of travel books, provides travelers with background information about the peoples' beliefs, values, and customs. Insight's books educate travelers about a country's

    a) Demographics
    b) Political parties.
    c) Social concerns
    d) Culture
    e) All of the above
    f) None of the above
    d) Culture


  3. Marketers in the United States are paying increasing attention to ethnic groups because:

    a) government subsidies assist marketers attempting to communicate value to these groups
    b) they represent a majority of the population in non-urban areas of the country
    c) they are more susceptible to marketing messages
    d) approximately 80 percent of all population growth in the next 20 years is expected to come from minority groups
    e) country culture is replacing regional culture as a key marketing consideration
    c) creates opportunities to provide value to each group.

    Upper-income, middle-income, and lower-income individuals are all consumers, and all can be offered value in different ways.


  4. Marcus does not make any impulse purchases and tends to purchase high-quality items from brands known for providing quality products. Marcus has plenty of time to research and identify the best product to buy. Which generational cohort does Marcus belong to?

    a) Generation X
    b) Seniors
    c) Baby Boomers
    d) Generation Y
    e) Tweens
    b) They speak different languages and comer from different cultures

    Asian consumers are not a single group-they come from many nations (i.e. China, Japan, Korea...) with different languages and cultures


  5. Marketers often use principles and theories from __________ and __________ to decipher many consumer actions and develop basic strategies for dealing with their behaviore) lifestyle


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