CLCIV 385 Midterm 1

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Son of Theseus who had divorced Amazon for Phaedra so had a sexually cursed family line. Story according to textbook: Phaedra fell in love with ____, son of her husband and asked him to sleep with her but he hated all women so he said no and fearing he might accuse her she accused him of rape so then Theseus prayed to Poseidon for the destruction of _______ and so when _______ is riding his chariot he drives it along the shore and a Poseidon makes a bull emerge and drags ___ to his death. Phaedra's truth comes to light and then she hangs herself.
___ is adolescent in the Greek world and a hunter (link with Artemis, devoted to her). After death, Artemis asks Asclepius (son of Apollo and mortal woman) to resurrect _____ but then Asclepius is killed by Zeus for setting up his own immortalization.
____ as cult hero: localized hero rather than worshiped by the whole of Greece. In Athens there's a tomb for him and they've found a temple for him in Troezen because in a version Theseus removes him from Athens thinking he could be king in Troezen.
There's a ritual that before getting marries, girls would cut a lock of their hair and weep for ____ as the transition from childhood to adulthood.
Euripides, _____ I: Tragedy play. Followed legend, Phaedra taking the initiative in Athens.
Sophocles, Phadra: Theseus is away and ____ has no part in the action.
Euripides, ____ II: 428 BCE. Aphrodite is mad that ___ is a prick about her field and makes all of this happen as punishment. Is about the destructive power of desire, the destructive power of words, the nature of divinity, moderation, and rules of living together in Athens
____ refusal to sex in Athens is seen as refusal to become a productive citizen