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CH 1&2

Psychiatrists went to medical school

One major difference between psychiatrists and clinical psychologists is...


Who treated abnormality in the Middle Ages in Europe?

food deprivation

A psychologist was interested in the effect of hunger on psychological disturbances. She food deprived half of a group of healthy volunteers for one day and fed the other half normally. She then administered the MMPI-2 to all the participants. What was the independent variable?


What was the early psychogenic treatment that was advocated by Mesmer, Josef Breuer, and even Sigmund Freud?

The placebo group gets no treatment

What is the ethical concern about placebo drug studies?


What model of mental illness did most people hold during the Middle Ages?


Drugs that alleviate the symptoms of mental dysfunction by affecting the brain are?

Anxiety medication

The best psychotropic drug for excessive worry would be?

Studying unusual problems

What are case studies useful for?

State mental hospitals

Part of the legacy of Dorothea Dix

Johann Weyer

The founder of the modern study of psychopathology.


An otherwise "normal" person during hypnotic suggestion is made to bark, sit, and fetch like a dog. The occurrence of these "abnormal" behaviors lends support to which explanation for abnormality?

Emil Kraepelin

German researcher who argued that physical factors may cause mental dysfunction, and developed the first modern classification system for abnormal behaviors, was

Antidepressant drug

If a person is very unhappy, the condition is chronic and severe, and the psychiatrist prescribed medication, it would likely be


Rate of occurrence in a disease that develop in a certain time period.


Definition of abnormality includes the inability to care for oneself and work productively.

Evil spirits

The use of exorcism suggests a belief that we call mental illness was caused by?


Theory focused on learned responses to the environment


"Thoughts, as well as overt behaviors, are acquired and modified by various forms of conditioning." The orientation of the author of this quote most likely would be?


If a mother seems excessively involved in her child's life such that they do not seem to be independent people, their relationship is said to be


The part of the personality that guides us to know when we can and cannot express our instinctual impulses is the


The model most likely to predict that transference will occur during therapy is?

Condition stimulus

A child is bitten by a vicious dog in front of a park. The child is later very afraid of the park. According to classical conditioning, the park is a

Cope better with life stresses than nonreligious people

Recent research on the role of religion in mental health shows that religious people who view God as warm and caring

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Treatment of depression

reflect our unconscious desires and needs

According to psychoanalytic theory, which of the following is true regarding dreams


The model most likely to use terms such as "resistance" and "transference"


Messages moving from neuron to neuron must cross tiny spaces called

Systematic desensitization

A client in a totally relaxed state vividly imagines formerly anxiety-arousing situations without feeling any lingering anxiety. Most likely, that client has just completed what type of therapy

Systematic desensitization

Treatment of phobias

Psychodynamic model

The model of abnormality that focuses on unconscious internal processes and conflicts in behavior is

Unconditional self-regard

If you recognize your worth as a person, Carl Rogers would say that you have developed

Sociocultural model

The model of abnormality that examines the effects of society and culture


Primary focus of the community treatment approach to abnormality

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