Notes #1 and #2- Body Organization and Skeletal System Part ONE

29 terms by misswatson Plus

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Largest bone in the body

Inner Ear Bones

Smallest bones in the body

Elbow (humerus/ulna)

The ___ is a hinge joint.

Shoulder (scapula/humerus)

The ___ is a ball and socket joint.

Skull to the vertebrae

The ____ is a pivot joint.


A joint that has fused together.


Non-twisting, powerful joint that can move in one direction.

Ball and socket

Twisting joint that can move in many directions.


Partially movable joint where bones slide over one another.


Joint where one bone rotates on a ring of another bone.


Place where two or more bones meet.


There are ___ bones in an adult.


The ___ is a tough membrane involved in bone growth and repair.


____ help form new bone by depositing Ca and P.


___ break down bone tissue.


Ligaments are tough strands of ____ tissue that connect bones at movable joint

Compact bone

____ contains the live bone cells, blood vessels, and deposits of Ca and P.


____ is the soft, fatty material found at the center of many long bones


Cartilage can act a ____ between two bones.


There are about ____ trillion cells in the average adult.


Bones make up about ___% of your body weight.


Two to three million red blood cells are made in the marrow every ______!


An ____ is made of chitin and found on the outside of insects.


An ___ is made of bone and found inside many animals.

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