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  1. Joint
  2. Pivot
  3. Compact bone
  4. 18
  5. Marrow
  1. a ____ is the soft, fatty material found at the center of many long bones
  2. b Place where two or more bones meet.
  3. c Bones make up about ___% of your body weight.
  4. d ____ contains the live bone cells, blood vessels, and deposits of Ca and P.
  5. e Joint where one bone rotates on a ring of another bone.

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  1. The ____ is a pivot joint.
  2. An ___ is made of bone and found inside many animals.
  3. Partially movable joint where bones slide over one another.

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  1. FemurBones make up about ___% of your body weight.


  2. Bone


  3. Elbow (humerus/ulna)


  4. 206There are ___ bones in an adult.


  5. SecondTwo to three million red blood cells are made in the marrow every ______!


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