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  1. Skull to the vertebrae
  2. Osteoclasts
  3. Periosteum
  4. Joint
  5. Cartilage
  1. a
  2. b The ____ is a pivot joint.
  3. c ___ break down bone tissue.
  4. d The ___ is a tough membrane involved in bone growth and repair.
  5. e Place where two or more bones meet.

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  1. Twisting joint that can move in many directions.
  2. An ____ is made of chitin and found on the outside of insects.
  3. There are about ____ trillion cells in the average adult.

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  1. Marrow____ is the soft, fatty material found at the center of many long bones


  2. Elbow (humerus/ulna)The ___ is a hinge joint.


  3. HingeNon-twisting, powerful joint that can move in one direction.


  4. ElasticLigaments are tough strands of ____ tissue that connect bones at movable joint


  5. Shoulder (scapula/humerus)___ break down bone tissue.