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  1. Cushion
  2. Gliding
  3. Osteoclasts
  4. Femur
  5. Periosteum
  1. a The ___ is a tough membrane involved in bone growth and repair.
  2. b ___ break down bone tissue.
  3. c Partially movable joint where bones slide over one another.
  4. d Largest bone in the body
  5. e Cartilage can act a ____ between two bones.

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  1. Smallest bones in the body
  2. ____ help form new bone by depositing Ca and P.
  3. Place where two or more bones meet.
  4. Two to three million red blood cells are made in the marrow every ______!

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  1. LigamentJoint where one bone rotates on a ring of another bone.


  2. Skull to the vertebraeThe ____ is a pivot joint.


  3. 18There are about ____ trillion cells in the average adult.


  4. Hinge


  5. 100There are ___ bones in an adult.