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Barron's GRE with sentences -Wordlist C 2/5

A complete list of Barron's GRE Wordlist, with meanings and sentences. The series has the entire wordlist split by alphabets, and also a mega complete wordlist, of all 3757 words. This is Wordlist C.
purging or cleansing of any passage of the body(sự tẩy nhẹ)
Aristotle maintained that tragedy created a catharsis by purging the soul of base concepts.
purgative (thuốc tẩy thuốc xổ)
Some drugs act as laxatives when taken in small doses but act as cathartics when taken in much larger doses.
universal; wide-ranging liberal, global, world-wide (rộng khắp)
He was extremely catholic in his taste and read everything he could find in the library.
private meeting of members of a party to select officers or determine policy (cuộc họp kín)
(At the opening of Congress the members of the Democratic Party held a caucus to elect the majority leader of the House and the party whip.)
to make watertight (by plugging seams) (hàn,bít chỗ hở) (When water from the shower leaked into the basement, we knew it was time to caulk the tiles at the edges of the shower stall.)
implying a cause-and-effect relationship (thuộc nguyên nhân)
(The psychologist maintained there was a causal relationship between the nature of one's early childhood experiences and one's adult personality.)
burning; sarcastically biting(1. ăn da 2. châm biếm (mockery = sarcasm n.)
The critic's caustic remarks angered the hapless actors who were the subjects of his sarcasm.
burn with hot iron or caustic
In order to prevent infection, the doctor cauterized the wound.
procession; parade (đoàn diễu hành)
As described by Chaucer, the cavalcade of Canterbury pilgrims was motley group.
casual and offhand; arrogant; presumptuous; impudent
Sensitive about having her ideas taken lightly, Marcia felt insulted by Mark's cavalier dismissal of her suggestion.
quibble; complaint
I respect your sensible criticisms, but I dislike the way you cavil about unimportant details.
transfer; yield title to (nhượng lại)
I intend to cede this property to the city.
speed; rapidity; velocity
Hamlet resented his mother's celerity in remarrying within a month after his father's death.
heavenly, mundane
She spoke of the celestial joys that awaited virtuous souls in the hereafter.
abstaining from sexual intercourse; unmarried
Though the late Havelock Ellis wrote extensively about sexual customs and was considered an expert in such matters, recent studies maintain he was celibate throughout his life.(abstain: kiêng khem)
overseer of morals; person who eliminates inappropriate matter(người kiểm duyệt)
Soldiers dislike having their mail read by a censor but understand the need for this precaution.
critical; captious; carping
censorious people delight in casting blame.
blame; criticize
He was censured for his inappropriate behavior.
mythical figure, half man and half horse
I was particularly impressed by the statue of the centaur in the Roman Hall of the museum.
denoting a widely used temperature scale (basically same as Celsius)
On the centigrade thermometer, the freezing point of water is zero degrees.(chia trăm độ, bách phân a.)
radiating; departing from the center
Many automatic drying machines remove excess moisture from clothing by centrifugal force.(ly tâm)
machine that separates substances by whirling them
At the dairy, we employ a centrifuge to separate cream from milk.
tending toward the center
Does centripetal force or the force of gravity bring orbiting bodies to the earth's surface?(hướng tâm)
Roman army officer
Because he was in command of a company of one hundred soldiers, he was called a centurion.
pertaining to the brain or intellect(a. 1. thuộc não, thuộc suy nghĩ 2. intellectual
The content of philosophical works is cerebral in nature and requires much thought.)
Mathematics problems sometimes require much cerebration.
marked by formality (chuộng nghi thức, kiểu cách)
Ordinary dress would be in appropriate at so ceremonious an affair.
The workers threatened a cessation of all activities if their demands were not met.
yielding to another; ceding(sự nhượng lại)
The cession of Alaska to the United States is discussed in this chapter.
warm by rubbing
The collar chafed his neck.
(vỏ trấu)
When you separate the wheat from the chaff, be sure you throw out the chaff.
bantering; joking
Sometimes his flippant and chaffing remarks annoy us.
vexation; disappointment
Her refusal to go with us filled us with chagrin.
goblet; consecrated cup
In a small room adjoining the cathedral, many ornately decorated chalices made by the most famous European goldsmiths were on display.
lizard that changes color in different situations
Like the chameleon, he assumed the political coloration of every group he met.
support, advocate militantly
(Martin Luther King, Jr., won the Nobel Peace Prize because he championed the oppressed in their struggle for equality. militant a. hostile = aggressive)
in utter disorder
He tried to bring order into the chaotic state of affairs.
divine gift; great popular charm or appeal (uy tín)
Political commentators have deplored the importance of a candidate's charisma in these days of television campaigning.
quack; pretender to knowledge
When they realized that the Wizard didn't know how to get them back to Kansas, Dorothy and her friends were sure they'd been duped by a charlatan.
cautious; sparing or restrained about giving, wary
A prudent, thrifty New Englander, DeWitt was as chary of investing money in junk bonds as he was chary of paying people unnecessary compliments.
curve; ornament a metal surface by indenting
With his hammer, he carefully chased an intricate design onto the surface of the chalice.(indent: khắc khía răng cưa)
abyss, hole, cavity, hollow, aperture
They could not see the bottom of the chasm.
framework and working parts of an automobile
Examining the car after the accident, the owner discovered that the body had been ruined but that the chassis was unharmed.(khung gầm)
pure (trong trắng tinh khôi)
Her chaste and decorous garb (clothes) was appropriately selected for the solemnity (seriousness) of the occasion.
chasten chastise
discipline; punish; chastise in order to correct
Whom God loves, God chastens.
chasten chastise
punish; chasten; discipline
I must chastise you for this offense.
blindly devoted patriot
A chauvinist cannot recognize any faults in his country, no matter how flagrant they may be.
curb;restrain;control (kiem che)
Thrusting out her arm, Grandma checked Bobby's lunge at his sister. "Young man," she said, "you'd better check your temper."
marked by changes in fortune
During his checkered career he had lived in palatial mansions and in dreary boardinghouses. (vừa thành công vừa thất bại)
angelic; innocent-looking
With her cheerful smile and rosy cheeks, she was a particularly cherubic child.
trickery, deception( sự ngụy biện bịp bợm)
Your deceitful tactics in this case are indications of chicanery.
scold (la rầy)
Grandma began to chide Steven for his lying.
fantastic; highly imaginative
Poe's chimerical stories are sometimes too morbid for reading in bed.
courteous; faithful; brave; well-mannered
chivalrous behavior involves noble words and good deeds.
His flushed, angry face indicated a choleric nature.
art of dancing
Martha Graham introduced a form of choreography that seemed awkward and alien to those who had
been brought up on classic ballet.
long established, as a disease
The doctors were finally able to attribute his chronic headaches and nausea(chứng ói mửa, vomit) to traces of formaldehyde gas in his apartment. (kinh niên)
report; record (in chronological order)
The gossip columnist was paid to chronicle the latest escapades of the socially prominent celebrities.
boorish; rude; insensitive; insensible; vulgar; coarse
Dismayed by his churlish manners at the party, the girls vowed never to invite him again.
having minute hairs(có mao)
The paramecium is a ciliated, one-celled animal.