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  1. compatible
  2. complicity
  3. compact
  4. comport
  5. condiments
  1. a seasonings; spices
    Spanish food is full of condiments.
  2. b tightly packed; firm; brief
    His short, compact body was better suited to wrestling than to basketball.
  3. c bear one's self; behave
    He comported himself with great dignity.
  4. d participation; involvement
    You cannot keep your complicity in this affair secret very long; you would be wise to admit your
    involvement immediately.
  5. e harmonious; in harmony with
    They were compatible neighbors, never quarreling over unimportant matters.

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  1. remembering; honoring
    The new commemorative stamp honors the late Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. remorse
    The judge was especially severe in this sentencing because he felt that the criminal had shown no
    compunction for his heinous crime.
  3. happening at the same time
    In America, the colonists were resisting the demands of the mother contry; at the concurrent moment in
    France, the middle class was sowing the seeds of rebellion.
  4. link as in a chain It is difficult to understand how these events could concatenate as they did without outside assistance.
  5. include; consist of
    If the District of Columbia were to be granted a statehood, the United States of America would comprise
    fifty-onestates, not just fifty.

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  1. complacentcomplete; consummate; make perfect
    The waiter recommended a glass of port to complement the cheese.


  2. conclaveprivate meeting
    He was present at all their conclaves as an unofficial observer.


  3. componentcomplete; consummate; make perfect
    The waiter recommended a glass of port to complement the cheese.


  4. commiserateequal in extent
    Your reward will be commensurate with your effort.


  5. conducivehollow
    The back-packers found partial shelter from the storm by huddling against the concave wall of the cliff.