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  1. conducive
  2. conciliatory
  3. comatose
  4. combustible
  5. comity
  1. a reconciling; soothing
    She was still angry despite his conciliatory words.
  2. b easily burned
    After the recent outbreak of fires in private homes, the fire commissioner ordered that all combustible
    materials be kept in safe containers.
  3. c helpful; contributive
    Rest and proper diet are conducive to good health.
  4. d courtesy; civility
    A spirit of comity should exist among nations.
  5. e in a coma; extremely sleepy
    The long-winded orator soon had his audience in a comatose state.

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  1. that which accompanies
    Culture is not always a concomitant of wealth.
  2. agree Did you concur with the decision of the court or did you find it unfair?
  3. mental calmness
    Even the latest work crisis failed to shake her composure.
  4. admit; hield
    Despite all the evidence Monica had assembled, Mark refused to concede that she was right.
  5. remembering; honoring
    The new commemorative stamp honors the late Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. comestiblesomething fit to be eaten
    The roast turkey and other comestibles, the wines, and the excellent service made this Thanksgiving dinner
    particularly memorable.


  2. componentelement; ingredient
    I wish all the components of my stereo system were working at the same time.


  3. concordprepare by combining; make up in concert
    How did the inventive chef ever concoct such strange dish?


  4. comeuppanceconformity in fulfilling requirements; readiness to yield
    The design for the new school had to be in compliance with the local building code.


  5. concertedwhimsical idea; extravagant metaphor
    He was an entertaining companion, always expressing himself in amusing conceits and witty turns of