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  1. conclusive
  2. condiments
  3. concatenate
  4. commensurate
  5. compute
  1. a reckon; calculate
    He failed to compute the interest, so his bank balance was not accurate.
  2. b decisive; ending all debate
    When the stolen books turned up in John's locker, we finally had conclusive evidence of the identity of the
    mysterious thief.
  3. c link as in a chain It is difficult to understand how these events could concatenate as they did without outside assistance.
  4. d seasonings; spices
    Spanish food is full of condiments.
  5. e equal in extent
    Your reward will be commensurate with your effort.

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  1. helpful; contributive
    Rest and proper diet are conducive to good health.
  2. thorough; inclusive
    This book provides a comprehensive review of verbal and math skills for the SAT.
  3. element; ingredient
    I wish all the components of my stereo system were working at the same time.
  4. reconciling; soothing
    She was still angry despite his conciliatory words.
  5. easily burned
    After the recent outbreak of fires in private homes, the fire commissioner ordered that all combustible
    materials be kept in safe containers.

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  1. compactbear one's self; behave
    He comported himself with great dignity.


  2. conceitprepare by combining; make up in concert
    How did the inventive chef ever concoct such strange dish?


  3. compressclose; squeeze; contract
    She compressed the package under her arm.


  4. compoundbear one's self; behave
    He comported himself with great dignity.


  5. colossalhuge
    Radio City Music Hall has a colossal stage.


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