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  1. colossus
  2. comprise
  3. compatible
  4. concise
  5. conclusive
  1. a include; consist of
    If the District of Columbia were to be granted a statehood, the United States of America would comprise
    fifty-onestates, not just fifty.
  2. b gigantic statue
    The legendary Colossus of Rhodes, bronze statue of the sun god that dominated the harbor of the Greek
    seaport, was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  3. c harmonious; in harmony with
    They were compatible neighbors, never quarreling over unimportant matters.
  4. d decisive; ending all debate
    When the stolen books turned up in John's locker, we finally had conclusive evidence of the identity of the
    mysterious thief.
  5. e brief and compact
    When you define a new word, be concise; the shorter the definition, the easier it is to remember.

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  1. adjust; endanger the interests or reputation of
    Your presence at the scene of the dispute compromises our claim to neutrality in this matter.
  2. reconciling; soothing
    She was still angry despite his conciliatory words.
  3. feel or express pity or sympathy for
    Her friends commiserated with the widow.
  4. in a coma; extremely sleepy
    The long-winded orator soon had his audience in a comatose state.
  5. participation; involvement
    You cannot keep your complicity in this affair secret very long; you would be wise to admit your
    involvement immediately.

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  1. compendiumbrief, comprehensive summary
    This text can serve as a compendium of the tremendous amount of new material being developed in this


  2. condescendbestow courtesies with a superior air
    The king condescended to grant an audience to the friends of the condemned man.


  3. complianceyielding
    He was compliant and ready to go along with his friends' desires.


  4. compactbear one's self; behave
    He comported himself with great dignity.


  5. concordharmony
    Watching Tweediedum and Tweedledee battle, Alice wondered why the two brothers could not manage to
    life in concord.